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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tourmaline gem Stone Healing Properties

Tourmaline gemstones have been used in healing and have been proved to have psychic abilities to heal. As Tourmaline stones are available in many colors each stone has its own healing properties. Tourmaline stones are used to improve concentration, develop compassion and understanding, also used to help in many diseases related to mind by relaxing the mind and bringing about harmony and peace. They dispel negative energies, neutralize them, and protect and develop confidence. Tourmalines also aid in detoxification of the body.
Red or pink tourmaline has properties similar to any pink stone, like rose quartz, to attract love and develop love and compassion and acceptance towards others. Blue Tourmaline has psychic abilities and powers to open the third eye , increases intuition abilities and protects from psychic attacks and mostly used by healers. These are considered very good for channeling energies from the universe, higher force.  Communication stone the deeper the blue the more powerful its properties for improving communication skills and intuition. Yellow Tourmaline is specially good for business and job employment. Colorless Tourmaline is best stone for healing.
Red is an energy enhancer for increasing self confidence and energy, and green used for attracting wealth and money. Black Tourmaline is used for protection from negative energies. Dark blue is also used for restful sleep and peace. The best colour, it looks very attractive,  in Tourmaline stone is the water melon stone having pink and green, used to balance yin and yang energies and attract love. This water melon stone is used to balance male and female energies in the wearer and acts upon the intentions made by the users.
Love, friendship, peace, health, money wealth, communication skills, concentration, and psychic abilities all can be enhanced by use of this Tourmaline gemstone. Tourmaline stones are favorites of artist, actors and those jobs requiring in communication skills.
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