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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Feng Shui Tables for Success

Feng shui tables for success, artists when selected judiciously can attract lots of good luck, prosperity and success. Artists' table in feng shui rules would be such that will help the craft person and artist to be more creative and bring out great works of works of art.
Feng shui tables , the element wood, is considered to be the most auspicious element and natural material on the earth.Wood as coming from earth has loads of earth energy for success and prosperity in any field. Wood brings stability and metal brings strength.
Artists crafts people and painters need to be highly creative and always open for ideas and inspirations. A artist table must have wooden base and strong four legs giving support to the table so that it is easy for the artist to work. here the best feng shui shape would be square or rectangle, it is also good to have a coated table top , not glass,(glass is fragile and not a good base for artist tables)  that can be easily wiped and cleaned when you spill paint or glue or materials used for making your art and craft.
Metal element and money luck can be incorporated by having colored metal knobs that are circular in shape.
Drawers in the artists table would be such that are easily opened and all materials are easily accessible while making art. Storing your artworks carefully in your work table must have such facility so that the art is covered and protected from outside grime and dust. Some artists also prefer round shaped tables so that they have easy access to the art while making paintings, collages or artworks if they need to move around and work from all sides.
Painters also have easel lined up with their working tables so that their art can be worked upon near with using the art materials from their artist table.
All the Best!

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