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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Large God paintings Placing lot of God Idols All Over Home and Main Door Feng Shui Energy

It is considered inauspicious to have over powering presence of God idols all over your home. The feng shui energy created is one of imbalance and disharmony. Though displaying God idols is considered auspicious according to feng shui, usually for protection of main door feng shui but having too much is not good. It creates disharmony and discord in relationships as not all family member swill be comfortable with this concept.
All over the house when we see idols in all rooms there is no space for creativity and other aspects of leading life. Religion and symbolic protection from negativity should not be the main issue in your mind, it seems like obsession with religion or collecting idols which may not go down well with everyone. Some people display God idols and other protection symbols over the main door. This may create disharmony among neighbours and visitors who may feel repelled to enter your home. The over powering energy of symbols may hinder a good relationship or a great business deal offer coming your way. People may not have the same religious beliefs and thus displaying over powering symbols of God over the man door and around the home may also hinder in the sale of your flat.
Some people also hang large paintings and pictures of God and religious symbols, which again creates lot of over powering chi energy, and we all know even positivity  , too much is harmful. By having a special place for puja and religious rites you may have the area decorated with God idols and burn incense here. Praying here will spread the positive energy to your home and family. As for main door feng shui it is best to have symbolic knick knacks or simple religious icons for protection, that which are not very huge but do the needful.
Hence in feng shui we talk all about harmony and balance. Green healthy growing plants are best feng shui protectors from negative energy as they soothe the senses and convert all negative energy into positive one before it reaches your home. God idols and God paintings are best in puja rooms and also in size appropriate to the room.
All the Best!

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