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Friday, January 18, 2013

Choose Right Crockery Dinner Sets with Feng Shui Buying Gifting Costly Crockery Dinner Sets,

Choosing the right dinner sets and crockery using simple feng shui tips . Buying costly dinner sets for personal use or gifting crockery use these simple feng shui guidelines. 
Kitchen plates, dinner sets, and crockery form an important part of our kitchen. As we pay so much importance on the dining table, the dining chairs and the kitchen decor, that is walls and artefacts the most important feng shui energy is brought by the crockery we use. Each object has its own feng shui energy be it a ceramic eating plate or the costliest silver ware used to serve on occasions and for special guests.
Elements that the crockery is made of is very important while you select any dining sets. In simple terms let us understand each piece feng shui energy of the selected cutlery. As steel is dominating in most households, for its easy cleaning and toughness, forks and spoons are best in this metal giving shine and strength. The material used for dining plates and bowls used in houses vary from each place to place and family to family. While families having small children prefer tough crockery of metal stainless steel, others who have more adult members and are comfortable use ceramic and glass. Using costly dining sets does not assure you good feng shui energy, if your family is always scared of chipping some piece or accidentally breaking it.
While you may have pure silver cutlery , which has good feng shui energy, as it gives strength to the food served in them, it is also true that if you are very possessive and extra careful with them then the whole purpose of serving food is marred, to give you and your family energy.
Dinner sets having many pieces is also a trend nowadays and many people go out any buy costly dinner sets to keep up with the latest trends in lifestyle, but having a costly dinner sets displayed on the dining table does not assure great feng shui in your kitchen.
Feng shui simple tips for selecting dining sets and kitchen cutlery crockery- Very very important is to understand your family needs and each individual needs. A family with small children though can afford greats ilver ware , must have sturdy dinner sets and crockery, and they can display their antiques in a kitchen unit.This will bring in the strength of positive feng shui energy into your Kitchen with happy and comfortable individuals while eating, and also improve chi in the kitchen with displayed silver crockery. In feng shui also there is extensive use of wooden spoons and spatulas, they work into improving chi in two ways, one the wooden spoons do not get hot and the cook is comfortable using them while cooking, and the feng shui energy of wood is added into your cooked food. Wood also connects us to earth, as wood is got from earth, in the positive feng shui cycle of productivity. Chinese also prefer to cook in wooden utensils and serve in ceramic or wooden bowls.
One feng shui take on selecting and having  costly large dinner sets is that one must first see the area allocated for the kitchen and dining. If the kitchen area is small and makeshift in the passage or small then no point in having a large piece, it is best in displaying section with artefacts. Also if the family is always on the go, that is working, and spend less for formal meals, again formal dinner sets are of no use.
While selecting designer dinner ware , as there are many patterns colors and designs available square shapes in dinner plates and bowls look good and also give stability energy.But the usual circle shape still rules in dinner sets and while you select designer abstract dinner sets and off beat shapes try to see that the dinner cutlery and crockery does not have any sharp edges, and are smooth and curved outlines.
Do consider your lifestyle also while you wish to use formal designer crockery in the kitchen, it may just add up to clutter if you do not have time to clean them, and most of it is unused while having meals. Buying and gifting designer dinner sets has always been in the top lists of gifting but do consider the following feng shui tips and bring in positive chi into your kitchen. You may store the costly crockery carefully and bring out only during special times, or if you have a big wall do display all your finest crockery and improve your status as well as feng shui energy of your kitchen and home.
In feng shui Masters believe, white color plates and crockery is best, or with toned down colors.Your designer crockery can have any color along with white, as white color highlights the natural food color and brings out the natural look of the food.
All the Best!
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