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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to bring Fresh Energy at home Feng Shui Simple Cures for Home will bring Fresh Feng Shui Energy

When life energy is stagnating and business is a bit slow, children are less attentive and arguments are on soar, try a simple feng shui cure. Simple painting of walls is the cheapest and sure way to bring tons of feng shui chi into your home and life.
There is no need to spend fortune on painting or refurbishing your home. Try simple painting of walls and this will bring new chi  feng shui energy into your home. The whole process involves movement of stagnating energy for the better. Homes over the years develop negative energy in form of cracks, leakages, falling paint, and dullness. While painting walls the whole furniture is removed or shifted and also cleaned, by this we sort out what is needed and what can be thrown, clutter clearing a very very important part of feng shui, and this happens when you start painting walls of your home.
Cracks are filled and painting done with the choice of your colors will make all members happy and excited. While this is going on the kitchen and bathroom and all the taps are also inspected for any leaks and repaired hence saving water, money in feng shui, which was  going down the drain. Using feng shui color guide for painting living room, kitchen and bedrooms along with children’s room and guest rooms will also bring positive energy into your home. Here a suggestion would be to follow your personal preferences and colors you and your family are comfortable with and not blindly follow the ba gua feng shui color guide. Feng shui colors can be incorporated in terms of artefacts feng shui paintings or small knick knacks to balance the color and element of that area.
The smooth colored walls allow positive chi to flow smoothly and hence makes the people energetic and full with new energy. Painting homes a cheap way to bring lots of positivity into your home and lives, and while selecting texture paint and rough finishes for walls do take the opinion of the whole family, the needs of the rooms and individual family members using them,  and also the cost required. Stones and rough textures in wall paints slows down chi and is not good where more energy is required. A cozy bedroom wall needs smooth walls and rough stones may make the environment cold, here again the customer is spoiled for choice and there are may healing colors and textures that benefit by textured walls when a great painting is displayed, that attracts the viewers eye!
Symbolic Paintings Rizwana A

Healing Paintings Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Ba Gua Painting razarts

Geometric Painting Living room
All the Best from Rizwana!

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