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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Textures in Upholstery Bedsheet Cushions Fabrics and Feng Shui Energy

Wishing all readers of Feng Shui Simple Cures a very Very Happy Healthy Healing New Year 2013. With the home getting a fresh coat of paint the feng shui energy has instant recharged! That will be discussed in another post. Let us understand textures in fabrics used in our homes and their feng shui energy.
Textured upholstery fabric, rough sequined cushions, velvety bedsheets, are all a part of the upholstery we see in every home. Each fabric has its individual feng shui energy. This way when you understand the feng shui energy of fabrics you can make way for peaceful feelings for bedroom or energetic living rooms loaded with lots of chi in your home.
 With rough fabrics in cushions the energy moving is slow as the ridges and rough texture prevent chi to travel in straight line and slowers the movement of energy in a room. Thus when you wish to get a slow energy feeling , like in a relaxed living room when the family winds up for the day and watches television , you may select cushions that are soft fuzzy velvetty , that which slow the feng shui energy inside the room and make a feeling of stability and peace.
While selecting fabrics for upholstery curtains the same principle applies. If the fabric is rough and textured the curtains are heavy and do not move with the wind. Such fabrics are advisable when you need privacy and the living room or office faces a bad scene outside. Silk and soft materials for curtains are used when you wish to have an open feeling, such fabrics allow chi to move smoothly and make the environment peaceful and relaxing for the inmates.
While we lay importance on textures we also must keep in mind the element shapes and feng shui colors for selecting fabrics for upholstery purposes, not forgetting the area for display, a living room needs a different textured fabric whereas an office will have different requirements. It is very important to choose the correct textured fabric for upholstery and not just go in for costly latest designs. A silk printed curtain, however rich looking would not be suitable for an office where the wind constantly blows as this will make for negative energy in form of always holding the curtain in place, or the curtain flying in the face of clients!
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Bedsheets of rough texture would not be good as they will not give a good nights sleep and you would be tossing and turning in bed.
Feng shui in life brings peace and harmony and makes your home inviting and relaxing. Choosing the right fabric brings lots of positive energy into your home and office.Shiny fabrics have yang energy and increase the flow of energy into any space. Rough fabrics have yin energy that slows down energy into any room. Usually for offices and great business offices yang energy is required.hence selecting bright vibrant color upholstery improves chi. Square patterns for east, round for west, triangles for south and wavy patterns for north section of the home are advisable.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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