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Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Check Feng Shui Energy of New Home

How to check the feng shui energy of your new home? Buying New home , new office and new environment, a place of your dreams, your dream home, It is very important that you check the feng shui energy of your new home as this will help you to balance the energies and also invite god energy into your home and life. Feng shui energy chi is very important for you to lead a stress free happy life and to invite good money , good health and relationships in your life.
As there are many simple feng shui cures to remove negative energy from homes as we enter hardly do we notice the energies existing in the home. Even though the place may be a new home there are existing energies  moving around which are of the workers staying there till construction is completed, some buildings also have history of death or accidently killed workers during construction and some other homes also have envying neighbors who are waiting to purchase the home at their low rate offered. Another important factor is where the building is constructed, what has been dug up and what has been razed to construct this building, will affect the feng shui energy of your housing complex and home.
A simple measure to check the feng shui energy of a home an past feng shui experts would follow is to bring small children inside the home. It has been believed by feng shui experts that small children sense the energy very soon as they are innocent. When a small child on entering a home starts crying the area needs purification or if possible you must avoid such purchases. Pets are another means to find out the energy of the area and home. If you have already purchased this home then a purification ritual by feng shui experts may be necessary especially if the building ahs been constructed on a hospital , graveyard or city drainages. Even housing complexes constructed by razing mountains also carry the energy of the mountain and a part of the missing mountain shape will affect the lives of the inmates. You may also walk into the place with open mind and feel the energy, the feng shui energy will communicate with you, in form of peace, restlessness, confusion, warmth, cold, and this areas can be then rectified with feng shui cures for a happy life staying here.
Simple easy feng shui cures can help to balance the energy of the new home and also burning incense and reciting religious mantras helps to purify and cleanse the space for beginning of new life in your new home. Feng shui experts also advise to ask permission of existing spirits and purify the area for well being of new inmates. For locations that you cannot change you may use purification process regularly for at least three months, with every week incense burning and chanting religious mantras, along with powerful symbols for protection on every corner and entrance of your new home.
I have not considered this into deep as human mind is stronger than energy and though I do believe strongly that every area has feng shui energy and cures help to purify majority of them there are still certain areas that can never heal and its best to change location.  Especially with dead spirits, accidental deaths, murders, and many over head hanging electricity wires and poles, city energy centres.  This negative energy will show in health issues, relationship issues and financial losses, along with unexpected business and mentors back stabbing.
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