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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best Feng Shui Bed Selection Tips

Contemporary style furniture is a rage in many homes and as many choose contemporary style  over traditional furniture the bed an most important part of your home furniture also has taken the modern look! With head rests becoming sleek and even disappearing let us see what feng shui  has to share here.
Feng shui tips for selecting contemporary Steel furniture bed- Preference is always given to the element wood, hence best feng shui bed is made of wood, sleek and simple with rounded smooth corners and edges. But wood is being more and more replaced my metal and steel furniture that shines sparkles and looks great giving a contemporary look. Tips for such metal beds would involve choosing simple styles and patterns in contemporary beds. Minimize design lines and complicated designs artworks in bed selection.
Many people incorporate healing stones in bed designs. This gives a contemporary look to your furniture and also promotes healing. The rose quartz and amethysts are very good healing stones that when placed near bed are good energy enhancers. This will facilitate cleaning and keeping clean the bedroom furniture. Avoid sharp corners for the bed head rest back rest and foot rest. 
A feng shui bed always has  head rest and a foot rest, always the former larger higher than the latter. Balance two side table preferable with the bed in a bedroom even if you are single or married as energy coming from the double bed will attract marital luck if you are searching for a partner,  and with married ones promote love and harmony in existing relationships. Metal is a strong element , also one which emits coldness and aloofness, so try to feng shui balance the energy of your bedroom by having some wood in from of artefacts, paintings frames, writing wooden table or relaxer recliner made of wood.
All the Best!  

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