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Friday, December 7, 2012

How to make Feng Shui Semi Precious Gems Tree at home where to place it for Powerful Feng Shui Wealth Cure

 Powerful feng shui wealth cure is the beautiful gem stone tree. Feng shui experts believe that keeping symbolic things that represents wealth and money brings good luck and wealth. How to make feng shui gems stone tree at home with cheap materials and attract money luck into your home, is discussed in simple language. Money tree has been an important feng shui cure for attracting business, wealth and prosperity luck since ages and as the feng shui cures are not easy to get you can make a simple feng shui gem stone tree at home, since your intention are important for you to achieve your goal.
My Silver Tree  
My Golden Tree The Red Pilgrim
 You may also make a gem stone tree with metal wire base twisted and turned into a shape of tree. Select a solid base for your gem stone tree.
Semi precious gem stones are available for cheap and also glass crystals that look very attractive and beautiful. The feng shui gem stone tree can have any type of shiny gem stones, you may also select a particular stone, like amethysts, rose quartz, silver coins, gold plated coins or go in for glass crystals which are much cheaper and come in vibrant colors.
 You may first clean the tree branch,select the one which has many tiny branches , for it to look like an aged miniature tree. Paint the tree with golden or silver, white or black paint, as black is the feng shui color for wealth money.

After drying of the feng shui gem tree you may tie the gem stones to the tree with a thread, metal wire, or stick them with glue. Experts suggest that this is the most powerful wealth cure for all money and business problems, remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, and any feng shui cure will give you a boost of energy where you have to work towards achieving your goal.  You may hang plastic fruits, like oranges , cherries, plums also on the feng shui wealth tree, as these are symbolic for money. For attracting friends in life people also hang birds,as feng shui symbolism for birds is helpful friends.
Feng Shui placement Suggestions for Feng Shui gem Stone Tree- gem stones,semi precious stones, crystals Chinese gold coins, silver objects, all shiny objects, are best placed in the south section of your home, in case of wooden base. You may also have a small feng shui gem tree for your office table with semi precious healing  stones. Feng shui Symbols of wealth are placed in north section also in case of metal coins and artefacts.
Lights are good for the south section, they improve the energy around,  and hanging colorful lights and making your gem stones shine, attracts money and wealth into your home. the feng shui tree is also an attractive focal point for the living room and can be placed near the entrance inside your home for welcoming chi, positive energy.
Making the feng shui gem stone tree is very easy and simple and can be easily made by anyone.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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