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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Become Famous with Feng Shui Actors, Singers, Artists, fashion Designers, Advertising Professionals

Become famous using feng shui, actors , artists, advertising professionals using simple  feng shui tips can get the light of fame. Singers ,   models also can attract fame luck into their lives.
Fame Chinese Symbol small affordable paintings
Feng shui can help you to get good name, fame and recognition. Many times people work sincerely but their efforts are never recognized and some people become famous very soon. Let us consider the feng shui in life for activating this aspect of fame in your life. Actors, artists, singers, advertising industry, fashion industry, and in fact people from all fields, let us consider feng shui tips, Lets make you famous!
South sector of your home and office is what corresponds to the fame aspect of feng shui and the element that supports this section is fire. Lights, fire in form of sun paintings, dragon artefacts, red color paintings, red silk tassels and any object emitting fire energy. The favorable element in the feng shui positive cycle with fire is wood as this supports to create more fire. Thus you can also have wooden artefacts here to improve fame recognition luck. Masters recommend to avoid using water here as water extinguishes fore and this will destroy the desire in you to achieve something and de-motivate you to work.
The best feng shui cure for fame is to hang a horse painting, horses have been considered auspicious in feng shui, especially galloping horses have loads of yang energy. Horses indicate power, speed and reliability stability and welcome energy with high force. Here you may also combine more feng shui cures together for more energy activating the south. The horse artifact laden with precious pearls, diamonds brings in a lot of luck and recognition, leading to good life and good position.
Avoid abstract horse paintings or broken images of parts of horse paintings as this creates a distorted image and confuses chi.  Colorful horse paintings having happy and prideful expressions is the best feng shui cure for attracting fame and recognition luck into your life.
You may also avoid hanging horse paintings in your bedroom or other rooms and restrict this to only living rooms and avoid this in  bedrooms and children’s room require yin energy as well for relaxing and resting and hanging galloping horse paintings will disrupt the energy of the  room and create arguments and misunderstandings.
Feng Shui Masters also suggest care while selecting horse painting as feng shui cures. The expressions on the face of horses is important, not angry and violent, damaged body parts, but always select  galloping horse paintings,  happy galloping, towards victory.
We also see many trophies and awards having horse sculptures and these can also be displayed in the south to achieve more laurels in your field or profession. You may also display any work related certificates and medals here. This will attract more fame, recognition and improve your reputation and name among others in your field. In case of advertising professionals it is good to display your successful assignments here, as this will show the public your work achievements and honors and also help boost your confidence to improve your work.
Get Lucky
All the Best from Rizwana!!!
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