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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Find Your Best Location in Home place with Magic Square

The best location is what one strives to find out as this is the most effective and will bring complete feng shui energy at its best for you. Energy in most powerful form and whatever feng shui cures you use their power will bring maximum benefit to you.
Magical Squares
Find out your lucky number by calculating according to the feng shui numerology method. Once you get the number now follow the magic square and find out the best location in your home of office. By this if you can choose the best part of the office for seating you will get maximum benefit in business, wealth and work opportunities. In your home if you sit in your best location and enhance the energy of each sector , this will affect positively to your life and improve all aspects of your life. Numbers are important and when this knowledge is applied with feng shui cures you will get better and quick results from feng shui cures in all aspects of your life, be it love, wealth, career or travel luck.
Number 4 corresponds to the area of health and falls in the east section of your home. Number nine stands for fame and recognition ,as this is the ultimate lucky number meaning completion, longevity, prosperity and abundance. Number Two as in feng shui, very lucky especially for marital luck, as Chinese prefer all numbers in pairs and avoid single numbers, represents relationship corner of your home. Pair of birds, pair of vases, pair of floral paintings all enhance this sector. Seven stands for west sector and six for the north west, helpful friends and travel luck sector.
1 North white water
2 South west black earth
3. East pure green wood
4. South east light green wood
5. Centre dull yellow earth
6. North west white metal
7. West red metal
8. North east white earth
9. South purple fire.
The total number added from each line comes to fifteen. Five the centre number is not touched, as earth is best left uncluttered and free.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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