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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Get the Right Mentor Feng Shui Support by Parking Car Porch Right

Feng shui mentor luck is favored by the north west sector of your home and following principles of feng shui you can activate areas of your life and use this to your benefit. Feng shui Masters suggest that having a car porch in a certain area of your home will correspond directly and influence your life for good or worse. Mentors are helpful people who guide you, support you, advise you for good. Parking car right and having a car porch in the north west section, how this will influence your life wealth, business and good luck will be discussed here.

Golden House of Happiness Modern Feng shui painting Rizwana Mundewadi
Mentor luck is very very important as we know success cannot be achieved single handedly. You will require support guidance from friends, colleagues, family and neighbor friends as your personal knowledge will be limited. This is also termed as heaven luck as we see many successful people have found the right guidance in form of strong mentors and they have tasted success after success and achieved great wealth and fame. Car porch is a parking place, garage,  where you daily park your car and this place may  fall into a section of your home or outside the home. If  car porch section is located in the mentor luck sector of your home this will benefit you immensely in finding, attracting the right supportive mentors. Car having strong metal energy, yang energy is a great feng shui booster to this luck area.  You will also find that parking car in the north west also supports travel luck which will bring more and more foreign trips for enjoyment and business into your life.
Confused for direction or decisions regarding business can also be solved by having heaven support thorough good supportive strong mentors. Having your car porch in the north west you will find right people becoming friends and offering suggestions  and guidance on the right times. Strong mentors can be attracted by activating the metal energy feng shui luck  by the strongest metal energy, your vehicle, and parking it in this section of your home.
Do keep in mind as masters recommend to use feng shui cures with care. As these simple cures can create miracles but also when not used correctly can harm more. If your car porch falls in this sector use it to your benefit by attracting helpful mentor and travel luck, but in case your vehicle is not in good condition, your friends may give wrong advice, some may also ditch you for their personal benefit, thus harming you more than benefiting you. So keep your car serviced and in good condition and even if you do not use the car for daily travel do keep igniting the engine frequently to avoid stagnating the feng shui energy here.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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