Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to calculate your personality lucky number in Feng Shui Numerology

With the hype created with the dates falling this month 12, 12, 2012 people lay much importance to dates and numbers. With people selecting this auspicious lucky date for new beginnings, new openings of shops, new booking of flats and even planning birth of their babies on this date, we cannot underestimate the importance of number sin our lives.  Numerology is an important part of feng shui science. As we guide people for using feng shui simple cures for every aspect of life, there is also a limitation to this science. Many people have success stories and believe and trust this simple science of placement of furniture and the element theory. With the limitations and if you have not seen substantial results there is a step forward to this , finding your lucky Kua number. Two considerations are taken in as your year of birth and the gender of the individual.
Add up the last two digits of the year
2011 so you add up 1+1=2
Now in case of male subtract 10 from this number, that is 10-2=8
Attribute of eight is it is considered very auspicious and lucky number, indicates prosperity wealth good luck.
In case of females add 5 to this number, that is 5+2=7
& number represents certainty or being sure, guarantee, and when used to enhance wealth sector placing 7 coins will surely bring wealth.

Another simple way to find lucky number,
Day +month+year-single vibratory number
Thus your lucky number three and its attributes are as 3 is considered auspicious, means replenished, creation, money is created, generated,  in feng shui numerology. By finding your lucky number you can according to the attributes of this number find out your best location in home, office and also elements which support growth.
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