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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hanging Paintings in Hotels for Attracting More Business

Paintings for Hotels and restaurants for attracting more business can be selected using simple feng shui tips for attracting more business and wealth. Hotels and Restaurants have a major part of their décor decorated with paintings on the walls. Wall art is one of the most important aspect of decorating a hotel suite or room as colors have to be sober and not too much decoration is allowed keeping in mind the customer needs for the stay in hotels. Here you will find painting selecting tips and hanging tips for paintings in hotels and restaurants.
Think from the customer point of view while selecting any painting for hotel. People come to stay, relax , have food in your restaurant or hotel. The whole purpose of the hotel stay may be relaxing and paintings with too over powering colors and themes are not appreciated and create more yang energy which is good in board room but not in a suite. Select paintings that have a general universal appeal and are pleasing to the eye.
Many hoteliers and owners of hotel chains of restaurants prefer buying prints of original paintings as many people come and go and as customer is king for hotel rooms you may not be able to handle the children of bigger families staying at your hotel rooms. Select art keeping in mind what will appeal to your customers and not what you like as a hotel owner. General themes in paintings of still life, landscapes are ever green welcomed for hotels and floral paintings also do well. Abstract colorful paintings are also a good choice which helps to maintain the mood of the hotel suite along with the décor.
Select the appropriate size of the painting according to the hotel lobby or private suite room size. Too small an artwork will go unnoticed and too large painting will be misfit and create overpowering energy. You must also avoid hanging canvas paintings in hotels and prefer hanging paintings or prints of paintings covered with glass.  This will help in keeping the artwork clean and also protect from physical damage from the customers in way of touching or spilling food.
Select themes that are happy and colorful for the hotel lobby and reception area. Here you require more positive feng shui yang energy to have more business as customers. Red, orange, yellows and browns, gold go well to improve energy in the reception area, so choose paintings with these colours in mind. Landscapes and floral still life’s are best for private rooms and suites. Avoid landscapes showing dried scenes, lonely sad paintings, paintings depicting war, storms floods, drought, must be avoided, however famous the artist work it may be, as this may bring bad feng shui luck to hotel business.
Paintings must be firmly tied with good supportive frames that protect the artwork from dust, grime, fumes and oils produced in the hotel restaurant areas. Hang paintings at the right height where the painting can be viewed comfortable while sitting or standing and also does not come in direct contact with the body of the viewer, as we all know it is very difficult for the viewer to control the urge to touch an artwork, especially when they are small children and pets!
All the Best!    

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