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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Linked to Fertility and Wealth Feng Shui Car Parking Porch/ Car Garage

Parking car and feng shui the science are often linked to you life luck wealth and prosperity. How will parking car or having a car porch in a certain section affect fertility? The feng shui Ba Gua map divides each area of your home into sections and each section is supported or activated with an element. Like the south represents wood the west represents metal. Each sector has certain attributes which affect your life. As the section of your house, South for fame, south east for wealth money, and north for career luck, each of the five elements will affect each sector of your life. Thus the children’s area or fertility luck area in your house when located correctly will give your family god obedient children.  
Having your car parked in the west section brings loads of fertility luck into your life. When the car porch is located in the west sector , the children and creativity area of your home , such families tend to have good feng shui fertility luck.  The element here that supports this area is metal and we know car is strong metal yang energy. Use this to your benefit by starting your car daily and keeping it in good condition. Clean your car porch with good cleaners and keep your car shiny sparkling.
Feng shui Masters recommend that you will get good creative energy and the whole family will be affected by this positivity, get laurels in job and studies and good creative energy when you park your car in the west sector.  Having your car garage here will always keep this area activated with metal luck which will affect your mind to be creative and open to new ideas, affecting your fortune luck and bringing new opportunities and wealth your way. The family will also have healthy children, if there are no medical physical abnormalities with the couple ,  and favor baby luck as this sector is attributed to metal element.
Thus if couples facing fertility problems or not conceiving child, with the medical reports normal and clear may try out simple feng shui cures to activate child energy luck into their life. With the umpteen feng shui cures to invite fertility luck , one of the way to welcome a new born into your life, can be to find the right place to have a car porch, and as there are many feng shui cures for inviting fertility luck one of them can be as simple as parking the  car right!
All the Best!   
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