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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Important Office Feng Shui Rules Work Along with Nature

Important office feng shui rules, work along with nature for  a  healthy and peaceful life. Feng shui for office, like home your office is another very important place where you spend a major part of your life. Feng shuing your office would bring about peace and prosperity, keeping in mind simple feng shui principles will attract money and business luck.
The place you select for having your chair is very important. Never sit in way of the main door or any door which opens directly to you. This points shar , negative energy directly from outside towards you. Sit to the farthest corner of the room, the commanding position. Having a wall as support is very good and do align your chair with strong support of firm wall behind you. Having an open window or chair without any support in back will make you feel insecure and also feng shui masters believe that the person becomes a target for office gossip and back stabbing, or being cheated. Here if you could get your office with a tall building behind you near your office window all the better as this acts as mountain of support to your energy.
Feng Shui Crystal Prosperity Globe

Feng Shui prosperity for office
The most important thing for feng shuing your office is to have a motivating and pleasant view within and also outside of your office. Having to look at bare walls does make your feel a bit low in energy and having some attractive artwork inside would increase chi of the whole environment and the customers. Have motivational quotes, inspirational artwork, something reflecting your goal in life and work.
  Avoid looking directly from your office chair to drainage pipes, rusted junk yards, dilapidated buildings, dried trees, toilets and wash rooms, store rooms or office cupboards, elevators and stairs as all this is bad feng shui for office and will affect adversely your business and wealth.
Having simple feng shui cures in any office would balance and improve the chi around your office. Wall art, paintings or any artefacts to improve chi. Also having fresh green live plants, or silk plants would improve the feng shui energy for your office and attract more business and wealth luck. A well feng shuid office will bring about well being, harmony and good business opportunities along with wealth and respect.
All the Best!  

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