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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shoe Rack Feng Shui Rules, How to Store Footwear and Good Luck

Shoe rack one of the important part of furniture in every home, that which we see often when we visit any home, maybe outside the main door, inside near the entrance, or footwear lined up near the main door, but foot wear is an essential part of our life style. Feng shui rules for storing foot wear and placement of shoe rack connected with wealth and good luck with effect to main door feng shui.
Hardly do we notice or pay attention to footwear, they may be designer shoes or roadside slippers we use them and stack them either in a shoe rack or scatter them near the main door. This badly affects the feng shui of the main door. Footwear as must be comfortable and attractive it is also very important to place some thought on how you keep them in home. Just look it this way, how do you feel when you visit a home where there are scattered number of footwear lying near the main door, we are repelled and taken aback, now think about a prospective client or business proposal individual feels this way, there goes your contract and wealth! Your shoe rack near the entrance will emit negative energy in from of dirty, smelly footwear or old footwear lying near the main door. Also scattered old footwear , not in use will spread negative energy around , which will also enter your home thorough your main door. The shoe rack when placed near the entrance becomes a highlight and focus point for the guest, visitor, "chi", and here the positive energy mixes with the negative stagnant energy and this energy enters your home, instead of pure chi, that would replenish and bring you good luck and wealth.
You wouldn't want this. Feng shui rules for placement of shoe rack follow simple guidelines, go by your own common sense feelings and convenience. Mani door feng shui is most important as door is considered the mouth of your home. Even though your footwear may be latest designer and costly footwear, the use they are is for the foot and placing the shoe rack or loose footwear above your head level, that is wall above your head level is very bad feng shui. Many people also tend to store rarely used shoes or designer shoes over the cupboard, or above cabinets for further use, which is not good.
Designer Pencil Heel Footwear Sandals

Funky Increase height slippers footwear
Always find a place for all your shoes near the ground or on floor level. Never place a shoe rack at the entrance, main door. It can be near the door or at the back door. You may also have a shoe rack which has closed door near the door inside of your home,as long as you keep it clean and your shoes smelling fresh. It is also advisable to once in a time clean the used foot wear, if possible give them some fresh sunlight, even if you are not using them often. Shoe rack must have only those foot wear that you and your family use daily or frequently.
Feng Shui Shoe Rack Footwear Rules
Old foot wear not used for many years is better to be shared with some one who can use them. Do not hoard, stock, cling to shoes,as they will pull you and your family back in life and hamper your progress, physically and financially. Clutter in any form, even your foot wear is not good.
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So however much you feng shui your home, your main door and use as many feng shui cures for wealth and good luck, paying some attention to your shoe rack and your footwear will give you immediate and proved feng shui results in form of good health, good luck and wealth.

All the Best!  
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