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Friday, November 30, 2012

Very Important to Choose the Right Online Art Gallery - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

Choosing the right online art gallery  is very important for every artist and their career success. How the art gallery represents us, how they project our work and how they promote artists all will affect your artists career in the long run.  
With our pet missing, suddenly I have come to understand how monotonously we all live. We eat fast, we pray with thousands thoughts in mind, and as soon as we are free we are hooked to tv. Life with so much advancement in technology, no time to wait and smell the fresh flowers, the fresh wet soil after the first rains and the flock of birds flying , not to mention the umpteen number of aeroplanes in the sky that I look upon still with some fantasy! With our pet missing I have learned to focus more on sounds, finding her is difficult except for her sound which has to be heard while walking down the road nearby, and am sure taking too many trips out for her, a small tiny light of hope and a giant amount of faith to find her..noise and sounds are so many, there is sound even in silence.
I love the new portfolio page and it seems great to have a gallery also keeping themselves refreshed, the energy level has improved as the page at a glance gives the total artist info without the viewer having to scroll the page. Online art galleries have sprung up in numbers and it becomes difficult to choose the right one or few galleries to represent your art as artists are bombarded daily with so many websites that promise you viewership.
Turning and tossing and updating is the right best gallery, one that involves each artist as unique, respects our art and is in constant touch with efforts for promoting our art. A simple mistake many artists around the globe do, they never get involved in the promotion of their own art, which I am afraid I also thought, you sign up and leave the rest to your gallery,  it is not the online art gallery's responsibility, it is yours , they are just mediators, guides, supporters who make a path for you, by laying footholds on the pebbled path, a platform, the final step you have to make. They bring our art in the open, in front of the whole world. As an artist we ourselves are the best to explain and promote our own original art, only we will have the fire inside! and keep it burning for years and years...and continue making art.
For every emerging new artist is is much safer to go through an art gallery, this is my personal opinion,  as online web is a two edged sword. You never know how it works, and many artists may also loose their original works in fraud sales. There are also galleries which are non operational, and communication becomes difficult once you post works online.Flexibility and accessibility is important.  Personally I feel we must develop a relationship with our online gallery, one of trust, one of relaibility, this is not a one time deal, that you sell one painting and you are done, but a life time relationship. I am sure as an artist we wish to sell art and not share art for free! selling art though not the most important part of art is one of the important part of making art and we all know how famous artists have given their life to reach the place their works are now, the birds eye, focus all the best to all emerging new artists around the globe, a long way to go..keep painting! keep posting!
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals!
All the Best!  
For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

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