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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Office Politics and Feng Shui Simple Cures

Office politics is what many people face and even if they are good, qualified and productive their whole energy goes into maintaining cordial relationships with colleagues and bickering office politics. Office politics is not only energy draining this will affect your position and productivity in your work place.
Placing a feng shui cure rooster statue or a rooster painting will counter the negative energy coming from people. Back stabbing and negative office politics can be handled with this simple feng shui cure. You may also hang a feng shui bird painting to counter this negative energy coming from office partners, colleagues and others. You may also place a crystal ball in the north to deflect all the negative energy coming to your office. The office table can have a crystal globe to reflect back the arguments and negative energy coming from office colleagues and boss. Having the globe or crystal, any shiny artifact of metal will give your strength and metal energy to face the office work and negative people.

Mystical abundance Reiki symbol abstract painting Raz

Office Table Small Art
 Feng shui masters have often advised to avoid negative people, those who undermine your work efforts and do not support your ideas. Arguments can be diffused by hanging crystals and stone artefacts especially  amethyst  stone, proved for its healing properties will have good effect on protecting you from office politics.  This can be in term of stone paper weight, stone statue of amethyst tree, or ball / globe of stone amethyst.
All the Best from Rizwana!  
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