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Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Use Profile Photograph on Your Resume Feng Shui Tips for Success

How to use personal profile photograph for success. Your Personal photograph on resume, a very important piece on your resume, the first which any  employer notices when they peruse your resume, may not be the only factor for you to get the job but may be one of the important criteria for selection.
 Let us consider few simple feng shui tips on how to photograph yourself for most success.
Feng shui, success photo for resume, would first involve you to get a good resolution high definition picture camera. In case you wish to personally get yourself clicked by your mobile or camera find out the best posture and pose you can present, the most photogenic pose you can give for your profile image. By viewing your previous photographs you will get this and understand where you look great in a photograph.
Feng shui for photographs for resume would first involve finding the right image you wish to present. This would solely depend upon the career you are in, the field of work you follow ,where you wish to upload or present your resume.  Being an artist, freelancer photographer, advertising professional would be totally different dress code whereas a doctor, teacher and corporate sector manager would have a more formal wear dress code for photographing. It would be a mismatch for your employer to see your photograph on your resume in colorful garish clothes, maybe got many likes posted on face book,  when they are about to hire you for a top managerial post, here you need to get clicked in formals. Whereas if you are an advertising professional a more informal look may do wearing casuals but not very informal as you get clicked in night suit! this will create an image that you are not serious about your work.
How to get job by feng shui photo tips and getting a good feng shui photo - Dress well for the resume photo to be clicked. Sufficient well lighted, with correct lights to focus on your face and subdue the flaws, get the best posture. There are a few  good luck rules for photographing using  feng shui principles which may put your resume forward. Dress appropriately according to your post. usually formal wear is encouraged as this shows you are serious about work. A suit in black or dark blue does good , avoid other colors , have the background as red or maroon as this will make a great contrast and highlight your face. let the light fall from all directions and avoid from above or back which presents shadows. It is said that clothes make man and it sure works.
You may also choose your favourite color clothes if they go with your job code. Try following feng shui color principles for success and getting the job resume photograph clicked. The element theory also helps when you add a piece of jewellery or semi precious stone on your body which may not be too prominent. Emerald for Gemini, Ruby Amethysts for Aquarians, Opal for Libras, pearls and diamonds for everyone etc may also help to get success in the right job.
keep a smiling face, grumpy, gloomy, tensed face attracts negative energy and is felt by the observer. Also you will get inspiration from looking at your smiling face, as feng shui energy transmits every time you view your smiling face , a smile will come to your face.
Choose the best time for photographing, the early part of the day is best as you feng shui energy is at its best after a good nights sleep. This will depend upon your individual body timing and your energy levels, and you may get yourself clicked at such time when you look good, maybe morning or early afternoon.
Your photo is an important part of your resume that you leave with your employer for perusal and it sure helps to get clicked right for success. But do remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui, feng shui will give you that extra push of positive energy, a boost to your resume, All the Best!

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All the Best!  
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