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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Loss of Wealth and Position of Car Porch

Feng shui wealth tips being the most sought after the location of your car porch also is an important part affecting the feng shui of wealth in your life.  How loss of wealth is related to feng shui and how parking your car in the right place will affect your money financial luck is discussed below.
Feng shui wealth section located in the south east part of your home is the most important place for activating wealth money luck. How this section of your house is kept will reflect directly to your finances. As we know feng shui element for the south east is wood and we usually recommend metal coins for activating money luck or water fountains for activating energy here we also must remember that blocking this area by car and having a car porch here will some how affect your finances and fortune luck for the better or worse.
Car being metal energy , a strong yang, and if your car porch falls in this sector of your home,  can be used for benefit to activate wealth in your life. Keep the car in very good condition and avoid break downs by regular maintenance. Consider the science of feng shui before making any major changes into your home or relocating your car porch. Metal clashes with wood, destroys wood element and thus if you cannot avoid the parking spot, place green luscious plants here. Good luck bamboo plants are a very good feng shui cure for all wealth related  issues. Some people also have water flowing regularly, a water feature here to keep the wealth energy activated instead of being blocked here.
Make it a point to start and use your car daily as energy created by starting the car engine will in turn affect activating the money wealth luck. You may also use feng shui colors for good luck here by choosing a car in the respective color of the element. Like having a red car is considered a great boost to welcome money into your life. So also a blue or green color car is considered good  as these are colors of fortune and wealth. The metal energy of the car, yang energy can be softened by having water here, or having a rose quartz crystal or shiny crystal balls to diffuse some yang metal energy and welcome the grace  with wealth, money into your life.
All the Best!  
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