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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Feng Shui Car Porch Right Place for Good luck

Metal element the car is a household name in every home. With every family having a vehicle of own there are also families where every member has a own private car for transportation. Let us see how the location of the car porch affects you and your family fortune and luck.
The metal energy a car has an engine and air conditioner with music systems and all the amenities that indicate yang energy or positive energy. Thus take this to your benefit and as you park use this energy for welcoming and attracting more wealth, luck, success and health. Using your car daily will activate the positive energy into your life and as metal indicates money wealth luck driving your car daily this is a great boost to your money luck.
As you find some cars lucky whereas some frequently break down and have major repairs or you hear so and so’s car is always in garage, the feng shui aspect of the car and the car porch may be one of the reason to blame apart from technical aspects. The car parked in south, east, west or north will have an affect on your finances, your health, relationships and supportive colleagues and mentors. Each element represents a major aspect of your life, as south for fame and recognition, west for creativity and children luck, and so on. Where you park your vehicle and how the energy responds will depend upon the feng shui cycle of elements theory. South east sector of wealth and money luck , south for fame, element wood, here we know metal harms wood energy thus there may be a tendency of your car to break down frequently. South sector you keep activating by starting your vehicle daily to improve the chi here.
Parking your car in the right place has much to do with how this will affect your life, the right place will bring lots of good luck, good health, love luck and prosperity.
All the Best!  
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  1. This sounds like a great car, do you have any pictures of it? I wouldn't mind taking a look, so long as it isn't beat up or used.

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    1. Atlanta Junk Cars, great offer on damaged vehicles, on spot payments!


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