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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Improve your relationships sector by parking right Feng Shui Simple Cures

How to improve relationships sector by parking right using simple feng shui tips. Car parking has become a daily matter and with finding a place to park many societies have specific places numbered for the members. Where you get a place for parking has a whole lot to do with how this will affect the feng shui of your life.
Car parking is linked to feng shui relationships of your life.  If the relationships section of your home is used as car parking this will block or activate  energy of this element  from your home sector and will affect your life. How can you improve relationships, love and marital luck by parking right, feng shui for parking cars.
South west area of your home having the car porch, relationships corner, where the car is parked will affect your love life and marital life. If you have a second hand car or repaired vehicle which does not work efficiently this will affect adversely your relations with the family. Relationships will be tense resulting in frequent misunderstandings and arguments. The feng shui element attributed to this section is earth.   With screeching creaking sounds the car may be prone to breakdowns and thus also affect your family trips frequently. The area of your home is blocked with car parking in the relationship sector and will drain love luck from your life.
You may hang rose quartz crystals or rose quartz stone balls or two birds made of rose quartz in the south west section of your home to protect your love marital luck. Make the love luck stronger by placing pair of mandarin ducks , crystals, and a water fountain is also beneficial to keep the energy activated here. Also hang crystals of jade or rose quartz or clear crystals chandeliers  in the centre of your home for keeping the earth luck on your side. Remember to keep the feng shui cures in clean and good condition as chipped or cracks artefacts will bring bad feng shui luck and create more harm than good.

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