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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Attract Wealth with Feng Shui Painting 'Sparkling Diamonds Enchanting Garden' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

It is very easy to attract wealth and prosperity into your life with hanging feng shui paintings. Colorful  symbolic feng shui good luck paintings help to attract more positive energy into your home and office and when hung in best directions show miraculous results in welcoming wealth and prosperity into your life. In  feng shui pairs, symbolic of relationships and marital life and attracting good life partner, usually pairs of objects are placed in the relationship section of your bedroom. They may be in form of feng shui paintings of birds, flowers, pots, candles or even placing two similar lucky feng shui objects does wonders on your brain.
 A symbolic colorful cubism abstract feng shui painting of jade green pots, symbols of abundance  and prosperity.   Size 40x29.5 Oil and Acrylic paints on canvas Year 2012.
All the Best!  
For buying this  painting or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

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