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Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Get Promotion and Improve Office Confidence and Office Work Progress with Feng Shui

How to get promotion using feng shui and improve office confidence by following simple feng shui cures. Office feng shui has a major aspect of office politics and colleagues back stabbing. Your work life is totally dependent upon how supportive your colleagues are and how the work office environment is. It has been proved that having unsupportive office colleagues and friends and an irritable argumentative boss will drain you energy and affect adversely on your work performance. Feng shui simple cures can help you to diffuse this negative energy and make it useful for your work progress and better office relationships.
The work environment with unsupportive colleagues and arguments will often bring about a loss of energy in you and you will as a result feel loss of confidence and avoid taking any challenging tasks at work. Your ideas will be objected by your boss and often colleagues may be back stabbing by petty office politics and hinder in your work progress and promotion leading to low self esteem and loss of confidence. Such environments are not only harmful for your financial and work professional life but this will also affect your family and home life. It is better to leave such a work place and choose some other job where colleagues are supportive and you share a good rapport with your boss. In case you wish to improve your office relationships and protect your self from office politics and gain confidence then you may use simple feng shui cures to improve confidence.
You may hang a mountain painting behind your back of the office chair where you sit in the office, this will provide support to you and improve your confidence. Hanging a Feng shui painting of mountains in shape of turtle is the best cure to improve confidence and create positive energy.  There are many feng shui cures available in form of artefacts that can be placed near your office table for improving confidence at work place.  You may also hang a painting of Chinese  dragon to improve you personal energy and get strength of the dragon as support from office work load and politics. The feng shui turtle the most humble yet powerful tool used as feng shui cure for wealth, support and good relations with colleagues and boss. By placing a turtle shaped mountain feng shui painting behind your back you will invite luck in form of good mentors and boss who will support you and also help in getting good rise and promotion in work. You will get support from the mountain and this will improve your confidence and morale at your office.
All the Best!  
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