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Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to Dress for Success-Interview Dress Feng Shui for Job or Promotion

Clothes, dress, the first impression you get of any person is by the way they dress up. People do take notice of any one well dressed, or dressed  appropriately for the occasion and as dressing is so important here we consider few simple feng shui tips for attracting success in interview and getting the job or promotion.
Dressing need not be very costly or designer wear for success and in fact employers do prefer humble and down to earth employees whom they can relate to. If you are dressed in a costly designer wear, some what garish, colorful,  and your employer is in simple clothes they at first glance will feel uncomfortable and this will affect your job interview and conversation. You must consider wearing appropriate clothes according to the job post you are  applying for.  Clean, light pastel clothes for men or women are just right for any interview. Avoid too many colors and prints in your dress, which will draw undue attention to your clothes than your resume. Animal prints, geometric prints, floral prints are best for party wear and not for interviews, go plain and simple. If you are applying for a managerial post choose to wear formal wear. Other wise it is best to go simple and fresh, by this I mean select fresh colour tops and shirts, light lemon,soft  peach, pale green, cool pastel blues, even lilacs in pale would do but do consider the colour of dress you look best in.
Avoid jewellery or any thing that will draw undue attention to your clothes during interview. A shiny ear ring or a shiny cuff ling or a big designer wrist watch would hinder in the progress of your job interview and you may lose a chance of getting the job. hair must be neat and not flying off in all directions, remember you are for an interview and the employer demands some sort of formal appearance from you,as you have just few minutes to pass their first level. Men, you need not go in a three piece suit and women you need not get dressed in a heavy silk velvet dress, but a decent formal wear would be fine.
You may also find out your feng shui lucky element by finding out your lucky number and wear a symbol representing that element. Light square prints on dress for earth people and small simple circles for metal people, light wavy patterns for water people for success and good luck. This can also be incorporated as having a small piece of arte fact, like a pen, pencil, note pad or handkerchief with this shape. A stone pen or wooden pencil gives stability and strength. Having a black note pad or lap top, or bag is also considered to be lucky as black is the color of wealth and finance.
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  2. Welcome to Feng Shui Simple Cures, Juvelyn Reyes, thanks for commenting, take care and All the Best!

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  4. Thank you JReyes for the lovely comment,welcome to razarts.
    All the Best from Rizwana!

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  6. Thats great advice Mr Lix, Thanks for the encouraging comment and helpful link for my readers of feng shui simple cures! All the Best from Rizwana!

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