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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Healing Art in Hospitals - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

Hospitals are becoming a place for displaying some soothing healing art, and as we notice children, pediatricians displaying colorful cartoon character and nature paintings we also on the other hand see healing art in cancer and other chronic disease clinics and hospitals.
The selection of healing paintings and displaying them not only brings some healing energy to the environment but also relaxes the patients who are troubled by body and soul. As we all know chronic diseases may not be completely healed and some people require life long treatment, in such cases healing art soothes the patients for the time they visit the hospital or clinic. The patient when they enter are stressed and tired and as they leave they feel replenished with new energy and hope. The fact does remain that healing art in itself may not do miracles, but it has been proved that along with medical therapy they work wonders.
The experiences you have had in clinics and hospitals may have some unpleasant memories of patients, sick people and strong medicinal floor cleaners, but today as we visit we notice even medical practitioners are paying more attention to the ambience and environment of clinics and hospitals. Trying to make it more patient friendly and comfortable. Counselors, therapists and surgeons all have some or the other art on dispaly in their private clinics. This not only soothes the patients but also helps the doctor to relax and feel refreshed with new energy for every patient.
Children when they visit such hospitals and doctors, love the healing colorful paintings and feel relaxed and heal faster and better. As of special hospitals , serious conditions, peopel who have lost hope do get support from symbolic healing paintings, this not only helps them to accept their situations, disease, but also gives them new hope to live with acceptance of their disease.Healing Energy in visual symbol form helps patients and their relatives, and brings about total complete healing of mind, body and soul.
All the Best!  

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