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Friday, August 14, 2015

Which is the Best place in Feng Shui for Fish Tanks in Home or Office and Which Places to avoid

Best Place for Fish Tanks in Feng Shui
Fish tanks is one of the best and Guaranteed cure for wealth , opportunities, career luck and prosperity from among the many beautiful feng shui simple cures. The fishes keep moving, swimming in the tank and this produces active chi that helps activate the element of north, metal luck here. The dominating element of north is metal and water , orange colored fishes are great here.
People do love fish tanks and some homes I see have two or three huge fish tanks.
Feng shui is all about balance and harmony, do not over power your space with any feng shui cure, in understanding that it will bring more luck, in fact it may create shar energy, poison arrows for the inmates.
1) Best places for fish tanks- north, northwest, Though people have observed noticeable great luck from placing fish tank in any part of their home. Just avoid centre.
2) Avoid  fish tanks in centre, the element here  is earth and water  is absorbed by earth so it sucks away all opportunities. More over as in feng shui the centre is best left empty , uncluttered and creamy earthy color.
3) Fish tanks also do not help as cures in some businesses which deal with medical health and personal health care products.
In such cases you can hang a painting of fishes to activate wealth and good luck.
4) Try to have the fish tanks in proportionate size to your room space.  Over overwhelmingly large sized tanks and fishes take away all the chi, and leave other sectors of your life unnoticed and dry.
5) Avoid some types  of fishes in your home fish tanks, especially very slow or very fast moving ones, fighter and aggressive fishes.
6) Never place two fish tanks near the entrance on either sides, or facing each other, water on the two sides of main door represents tears from both eyes.
7) Odd is good in feng shui. Three,,  five, seven, eight nine numbers are great. Though,  I request please, if some of your fishes have died do not add new ones immediately, Fishes do not  adjust well in new environment. let the previous lot live, or else either old fishes die or the whole new lot all together die one after another.
Hope this helps!
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All the Best from Rizwana!

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