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Friday, August 21, 2015

Death Position Energy in Feng Shui, worst position in your home death position feng shui

Death Position Energy in feng Shui , one of the most negative energy space, poison arrow effects comes from sleeping in the death position.
Bed placements have been always given a  lot of importance  in feng shui yet, people apply so many fengs shui wealth cures but hardly give this one a thought. the death position.
The Chinese believe  that sleeping with your head in a certain direction is either beneficial or harmful to ones health and life.
The most dangerous among all spaces in your home is near the door. never sleep with your  feet towards door.
Command position in bedroom is diagonally from the bedroom door. Never opposite to the door. Bathroom door in alignment with bed is another worst energy maker affecting health adversely.
The bed head rest must not share the wall of bathroom, wash basin , fire stove kitchen wall or any water draining structure.
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It affects health, mental disturbances, sleep disturbances and even stress. Anger also comes frequently to  people who sleep in line with door. Water in any form , moving, flowing, is harmful near your bed.
Avoid these positions , never sleep near the main door. The death position, literally as the dead are placed near the entrance before they are carried for last rites.
God Bless from Rizwana!

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