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Friday, June 23, 2017

Why You are Not successful with Foreign Travel Luck Feng Shui Cures

Travel Luck Feng shui Painting
Foreign luck, work abroad, travel luck, a dream for many and even after applying certain feng shui cures there seems to be no change.People read on feng shui and bring in simple cures and wait for the miracles of feng shui , not knowing that feng shui is all about harmony and balance. The bigger the dream the bigger the amount of energy and planning you will need to activate this sector.So just by hanging a cheap poster people wait for the wonders, and well it also does work for some, its all upon the Universe! but in case you wish to see results you must go deep into the  feng shui cures and bring in a combination to give the space booster energy.
Here are some of the reasons why your travel luck feng shui cures are not working! So even after my advice there are certain simple mistakes people do and , keep doing, maybe its karma at work, then lose faith on feng shui!
1) The sector that needs to be activated is not a single one, for travel and career luck activate all the feng shui sectors. At least three to show you fast changes.
2) people even after my advice go with their decor trends and choose certain feng shui cures that are confusing.  Remember the universe loves clarity,ask only what you want to see achieve, otherwise nothing works. here this is the main cause,no focus and clarity. So if you love a certain sculpture and I have advised to avoid this please listen!for those who have followed are happy with the results
3) They talk too much about the Feng shui cures with everyone and not all are your friends and best wishers! Taking too much advice from many healers and astrologers confuses the energy. Add the cures in modern way and blend them with your interior modern decor.
I have noticed some people are obsessed with healers and ask too many questions and do not follow sincerely. It is really sad when I am asked to comment on some other healers advice, of course I never interfere with these as it is not good karma. Be respectful to your Feng shui master and Healers as each one has their own energy. Choose your healers carefully and only those whom you can trust and feel connected, otherwise it is difficult to follow their advice and you will not see changes.
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
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