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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to make at Home Feng Shui Money Tree a Sure Wealth Cure

Money is one aspect of your life which every individual desires and as all our life needs require money we all need to activate our money and wealth luck. There are many feng shui cures and tips to activate your money and wealth luck but the easiest and simplest is the money tree.
The money tree means that the tree has money growing on it. Now we all know money does not grow on trees but it is symbolic gesture and has been an effective feng shui cure for many. The feng shui cure of money tree has given very good results to activate your wealth and money luck and see the money rolling into your life.
Instead of going out and buying a money tree which may not fit into your decor you can make a simple money tree in your house and which will be more effective than the ready made money tree. You need a tree branch of a real tree, wood is a Great element to activate money luck. The tree having many branches is good. Paint this according to the element be it red, black or brown or even shiny metallic colour to give it good finishing and appearance according to your home decor. If this is not available you can also use metal wire to make your money tree. Even metal is a good element and can active your wealth area south east.
How to make feng shui money tree at home
Use Chinese feng shui good luck coins or any metal coins of your chosen currency. Remember the coins must indicate wealth and shiny coins are best. Tie the coins on the branches of your tree in any pattern of numbers , even your lucky feng shui number for prosperity. You can activate chi by tying the coins with red shiny ribbons and use the mystic knot that is a lucky auspicious symbol. You can also buy readymade Chinese good luck coins that are already tied with red ribbons.
Purify the place where you will put the money tree by burning incense and then place your personalised money tree here. Do make clear intentions of increasing wealth and activating your money luck while using this feng shui cure. You can also use paper notes or currency that you are comfortable with, but remember the money used must symbolise wealth and richness. Avoid using rusty antique coins is also good but coins that have low money value or indicate less wealth must not be used in money tree as the value of attracting however much money of less value will give you less total money. 
All the Best!  

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