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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for Vehicle, Two Wheeler and Car

Feng shui simple tips for vehicles, car , two wheelers helps  to maintain harmony and also attract wealth into your lives.
 Feng shui is a science of balance of the five elements and even though literally it means wind and water, feng shui is being practised in all aspects of li9fe be it your home, office, pet , plants and even you car! Feng shuing your car or vehicle will ensure that your vehicle does not give you many problems and runs smoothly with less petrol consumption and will minimise problems of break down and start up. . Use feng shui tips for your car but do try to follow the principles of saving petrol by switching off your engine during signals.
Your car, bike or motor cycle like your home is a very important part of your life. Be it a two wheeler or a four wheeler the vehicle ensures that your each your destination on time and in good spirits. Usual problems coming up are breakdowns, more petrol consumption than other same make vehicles, breaking up of parts, start up problems etc. The same principles that work for your home or office will be considered in feng shuing your vehicle or car.
The most important place in the car, the drivers seat must be comfortable, well balanced and with perfect conditions. The steering wheel and gas meters must all be in good condition. Do give a thorough cleaning and check up regularly to maintain your car in good condition. A small leak is also considerate bad feng shui of your car and may lead to loss of finances and wealth. Keep the car windows glass clean and dust free as windows are the eyes of your car. The handles must be greased and open well without creaking sounds. Regular servicing will help to maintain good chi in your vehicle.
It is  advisable to consider your personal element while being in the driver seat. You can enhance this by hanging a small crystal or moving object that will balance the car feng shui. The fancy object can be a crystal , a hanging of beads, wooden beads or even colourful threads that will activate your personal luck element. Another good feng shui tip is to have a seat of wooden beads that will help you to activate good health luck and also keep the drivers seat well aerated. This will also increase your confidence and stability in your life by activating the stability of wood element as the car has strength of metal. The music system must also be in good condition and it is also good to play some music, if you are comfortable while driving or when the vehicle is stationary to activate the chi inside the car.
Finally do consider parking space and position according to feng shui. Never park your car or have any car parked right in front of your main door entrance facing inwards. This creates negative energy and a shar for the inmates of the house. Park the vehicle side ways facing the road and not your main door. Also when you have other people sitting or taking a lift in your car do purify it from the negative energy that they bring along by burning incense and purifying and activating the chi around.
A well feng shuid car will make the drive pleasant and the journey smooth.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

Thank You!
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