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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Best Placement of Dressing Table as feng Shui Cure

The dressing table is an important part of furniture and is seen in almost all homes. The dressing area where people get ready for the day as also for attending educational classes or functions and festivals is a very important part of your life. You can benefit by the right placement of your dressing table with increasing chi into your life.
The career area the fame area and the relationship area all will benefit when your have the dressing table here. The dressing table is a place where you face it and get ready for the day. This itself gives us increased energy when you are satisfied with your looks and clothes and as this gives you happiness it also increases your energy and uplifts your mood to face the day with positive energy.
Using dressing table as a feng shui cure is one of the easiest cures available for fame and recognition. Would it not be good to get ready in your power position and increase your value by getting dressed. The south area is the fame location and you can place the dressing table in your bedroom in the south area. Try to balance the area with a wooden dressing table having mirror with borders or patterns of metal on the sides. This is the best combination of wood, and metal elements to also activate your wealth area, the south east.
The career section the north is also a location suited for best placement of the dressing table. The career section will be activated when daily your get ready to face your job and career opportunities. Not only will you be happy and loaded with positive energy , you will also attract good opportunities , and increased wealth. Facing your career direction while getting dressed will improve your image and get good career opportunities.
Only care taken while using the dressing table as feng shui cure is to avoid placing it directly near the bed or facing the bed. This is bad feng shui. Also do remember to always keep the mirror of your dressing table clean and shiny as a muddy and dirty mirror will show a distorted image of you and also give you unfocussed thinking which will adversely affect your health, wealth and career.
All the Best!  

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  1. That's a pretty cool info about dressing tables... You have a great blog.

  2. Thanks Liana Sanjana for coming by my blog, thank you for the lovely comment

  3. Can I buy preowned dressing table?

  4. Can I buy preowned dressing table?

    1. Adeline, yes you can buy preowned dressing table, just take care to buy from reputed sources, also purify the furniture and then begin using this. Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!

  5. Hi, thanks for the great tips. If I may ask... (1) my master bedroom is kinda small thus the almost 4FT dressing table has to put near my bed. How much GAP in cm I must at least maintained if is to place next to my bed? (2) the dressing table is made of wood with no metal. Okie for me to decorate it will metal ornaments? Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Worriesome newly wed.


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