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Monday, March 3, 2014

Broken Toys and feng Shui Energy How to Take Care of Childrens Room Feng Shui

Broken Toys and feng Shui Energy is a simple yet important aspect of children's bedroom feng shui. When in this world of technology and advanced ranges of electronic toys we see parents shower their children with lots of fancy equipments and toys. The electronic media has led into innovations and fancy technology in children's toys. Children love these toys and even small children as young as aged three are comfortable with their palm tops and playing off digital games.
Broken toys emit a strong negative energy which we hardly notice. Electronic equipment and gadgets however advanced they do emit fumes and energy that is harmful for your child. When these equipment over power the space in your child's bedroom they disturb precious chi of your children, their rest and sleep energy is affected by the energy emitted from these equipments.
Another aspect most of the times parents and relatives gift new toys and games and hardly follow up when theses toys are broken or not working. Storing such broken toys is harmful and also electronic equipment when left unused for long time and in damp conditions is also harmful for the safety of your child. Cells and chargers that are not working need to be immediately replaced or repaired.
Broken equipments and toys in children's bedroom must be either repaired or removed as they are a risk to your child's health and safety.
Feng shui places a lot of importance on children's bedrooms as this is the space where the personal chi is re-energized and when there is an abundance of electronic waves here it will disturb the health of your child.
Broken toys are extremely dangerous as small children may get hurt or even accidentally swallow some small pieces.
Bring in positive feng shui energy into your child's room by adding colorful eco friendly toys and and if you must add gadgets keep a check on the number of electronic toys you have in their room and also keep checking about the broken or not working ones that will accumulate dust and add up as feng shui clutter into your child's life hindering their progress and education.
Geometric Painting by Rizwana
Add a dash of color to your children's bedroom by hanging this beautiful colorful artwork on the wall to enhance creativity and fame. Thank you!

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