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Friday, March 7, 2014

Glass Windows Feng Shui and Window Dressing in Feng Shui Curtains Designs and Patterns as Feng Shui Cures

Glass Windows Feng Shui and Window Dressing in Feng Shui has been used only in form of decorative aspect. Windows play a major role in allowing fresh energy, chi, into your homes and as they are considered the eyes oft he home windows do play a major part in the health,wealth and prosperity of your family and home. Today we see a wide variety in curtains and upholstery material, latest trends and latest designer curtains.
Feng Shui Tips for Curtain Designs
As we have so many times discussed colors and textures to attract feng shui energy and choosing the correct color representing the elements in your home the glass windows which form a major part of your home also need enough consideration in using feng shui tips.
French windows have become a fashion and we see today most homes having full length windows covered with glass, this creates a beautiful ambiance to your home , not only glass reflects more light, but this also creates vast openness,  bright light and a feeling of increased space. Interior decorators are using glass in many furniture as well as artifact and the largest part where glass is used are the windows.
Advantages in feng shui using large glass windows, makes the home appear open and large, improves natural sunlight entering your home and also gives a feeling of general openness thus reflecting to the nature of the inmates. As this sunlight will kill darkness and many disease spreading germs too much of anything is harmful.
For pleasant happy chi flowing you will need to have thick curtains which can be drawn while resting or sleeping to make the environment peaceful. Now there is also a possibility that the home looks more transparent with large french windows which will make the inmates constantly under pressure of prying eyes from outside, especially the neighbours. So you will need to use curtains judiciously as very thick material curtains will make your rooms dark bringing about need to use artificial lighting even during day time. And thin flowy material curtains will not give you the amount of privacy required.
Here you can select two layered pattern in curtains. The front layer can have thin silky material and the next  have another layer, of thicker stronger material. Here you will have the choice to use curtains according to your requirements, as thicker double layers ones during nights when lighting inside is strong and silky ones during days to give you privacy.
Curtains a very important part of feng shui can be used as powerful feng shui cures. The most important windows can have layered curtains thus solving most problems of health and restlessness  faced by the family. That uneasy restless energy feeling usually comes form large glass windows that are not dressed up properly and you can solve this by selecting  the right design and pattern for your window curtains with feng shui.
Energy leaks, energy drain and energy blocks can be connected to your large french glass windows and curtains. Another aspect would also be that having large windows , the size of the main door, and in line with the main door is harmful as the chi that enters the main door will leave quickly from the open large glass windows thus moving fast without energizing your home and family, which affects the health and peace of your family. And also the finances and wealth level of your family.
It is advisable to conserve this energy by either placing some green plants or feng shui based artifacts in the way to slow down this positive chi from the main door from leaking fast out.
You can also place furniture in an arrangement where the person coming in will have a seat first near the main door and not move fast towards the end of the room, thus helping chi to linger more slowly into your home. 
Curtains can be used effectively to improve health,wealth and good luck into your homes by following simple feng shui principles. Incorporate designs that represent elements, like south triangle shape, east rectangle shape, north wavy or circles etc. And use color effectively like red and purple for south, green for east, blue and black for north, west white and silver metallic colors. Then go in for a pattern judiciously according to the individual room uses and your family needs by getting them stitched in layered patterns, thus helping to slow down the chi a bit which is coming from the main door , and moving away at fast rate from the large glass open french windows.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best!
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Thank You!

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