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Monday, March 24, 2014

Feng Shui for Your Pen Attract Good Luck Prosperity with Feng Shui Designer Pen

Designer pens and pencils have been a style of many but we hardly notice that a good writing pen can send a big shot of positive energy to your work. In academics a great writing pen , smooth with dark bright ink can help to attract great grades and success.
Haven’t we seen a bold bright red maroon gold pen improve our mood and also our style. The designer pens have royal colors and metallic finishes to look attractive and speak volumes of our status and position.
A feng shui  pen, will have some simple qualities making it a tool for attracting good luck and prosperity.
1) The design and color of your pen can be used for the benefit of attracting energy. Designer printed pens are now great looking and also a piece of art with symbols and fluorescent colors . They do attract higher grades, as your children would love to write and study with these colorful pens thus developing interest  in studies and paying more attention to writing and studying.
2) A  feng shui pen is any pen of a comfortable size and gives a comfortable grip while writing thus improving your hand writing, another important tool for success in any field. This depends upon your personal preferences and choice as a child may love fluorescent color cartoon character pen while an adult would go in for more meaningful symbols on their designer pen.
3) Colors can be effectively used in pens to attract wealth and good luck. Greens, reds, gold and purple blue etc are all colors symbolizing wealth which when near you help to attract feng shui energy for good luck and wealth.
4) Symbols like flowers, figures, energy symbols on your pens can help to attract a lot of positive energy with every use. There are people who love their lucky pens and use them every time to sign important   documents or files.  These pens have great feng shui energy and are just right for the energy of the user.
5) Easy flowing ink is a must as pens are for writing and not just for show, they must be able to fulfill this need in a great manner. Scribbling to write with the pen while signing, and blockages in ink flow are all symbols for attracting negative energy into your work, business and life. A good pen will be easy flowing and produce sharp letters, thus indicating to the universe clear cut message for success.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort , for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best!

If you are a company which design pens or a  designer and wish to buy any great feng shui designs (for success, wealth, luck, fame, or any positive energy,) out of my healing paintings or get a customized symbol energy patterns , please visit my website   contact email
Thank You!

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