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Friday, April 4, 2014

Under the Stairs Stairway Home Office Feng shui 7 Tips Artist studio under the stairs feng shui guidelines

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Under the stairway home office/artist studio
Under the stairs or stairways is a space which usually goes unused and is many times selected as an area for the home office, work from home and also many artists select this space for their artist studio. As the space goes underutilized in daily activities this is a great place for privacy and working from home within the home.
Feng shui energy under the stairway is, first the place is not used frequently, and is quite gloomy. The feng shui energy here is stagnant and often people never visit this place in their home or office. Next the stairway has continuous energy of moving above, by people walking so this may create a disturbing energy for people working under the stairs. Also the stairway often leads to dead ends or sloping ends, which is not a good sign for business and work, leading to frustrations and very less or no results seen even after putting in a lot of effort.
In case this is the best you can have for an home office by applying a few simple Feng Shui cures you can invite positive chi into your home office or artists studio and welcome prosperity and grace. 
1) Since the stairway is under the stairs the area is dull and gloomy, installing proper bright lights will bring in loads of positive energy that helps to enliven the environment of your home office,/ artists studio.
2) Plants are a very good feng shui cure, and also an effective one, have small containers of air purifying plants that will freshen up the environment and clear the energy of the office/studio space. Even the look of a green growing plant is very soothing and energy booster for your under stairway office/studio.
Mirror globe feng shui cure
3) Avoid clutter and space out things well. Organize your stuff with care as to maximize the use of space effectively in your home office/artists studio.
4) Have a great feng shui painting to invite positive energy , colors, photographs and symbols of success can bring in lots of positive feng shui energy . You can also hang powerful protection symbols like this symbolic healing artwork of Aum.
5) For the most difficult problem faced by many who have under the stairway office /artists studio is the energy moving up and down above them creating a  restless feeling and distraction from work. This can be healed by hanging a small wind chime of metal that creates a soft delicate sound, not too loud to help move the energy and remove stagnant energy for under the stairs.
Metal wind chime for prosperity
In case the area is too small and there are chances you always bump into the wind chime while entering your home office/ artists studio you can hang soft colorful paper liners that move with wind which also helps to displace negative energy.
6) Space clearing often will help to keep the energy fresh. Light a fragrant incense before beginning work to displace the stuck up energy.
7) If you have a small office use a crystal is also very useful to uplift the energy or you may hang a gemstones painting for attracting wealth and good luck.
crystal for business luck

Hope this helps. All the Best!
Take Care and God Bless!
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