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Friday, April 18, 2014

Hotels Restaurants Assure Regular Customers with Feng Shui

Hotels and restaurants need regular customers and we love to see people flock at and on waiting for dining, every owner of restaurant and hotels loves to see many customers. Why is it that one restaurant has many customer always and the other even though maybe well furnished with a costly decor does not have many people and customers?
Here are some practical feng shui guidelines for improving food business and making the bee of lines towards your restaurant.
Invite Prosperity Food Industry Feng Shui
1) The entrance and surroundings are very important. Is the restaurant visible form many roads so that many people see the name. If not place hoardings of directions and inviting name boards with proper strong lightning. Sorroundigns must be clean and fresh smelling,w e are heer talkign of enjoying food, so peopel need to be in fresh smelling area surrounded by beautiful objects of art. Some welcome colorful art is a great energy booster for business.
2) Is the reception area inviting, here most often people never pay attention.  When we welcome prosperity is there a great place to sit, have a good reception area furniture so that customers can wait till they get their turn, have some great music playing in the background , as it is most often seen that people come and when they have no waiting space leave to another place for eating. So this space is also very important for chi to enter and be comfortable before giving you wealth and prosperity. Having a fish tank is also a great energy booster for business luck.
3) Furniture must be comfortable and well spaced. Crammed tables and chairs makes customer uncomfortable. We do not like to eat with our back faced with waiters moving about with hot dishes !
So also when  we sit the chairs must be spaced well to give a relaxed sitting posture for clients and not so close spaced that they hit the back of another customer sitting on the next table. Doors must open smoothly without effort and also with clear directions of main door opening inside. Creaking furniture is again not good as also wobbly chairs. Install a good air purifier and exhaust facility along with a good air conditioner, atmosphere must be pleasant as smoke and fumes from the cooking area repel people from enjoying their meals.
4) Color can be used effectively as feng shui cure to invite prosperity , especially in food business. Bright colors, like red, orange and yellow, promote good appetite. People do come to eat but only good food is not enough to bring in business. The space can be uplifted using feng shui colors and elements theory to bring in harmony and happy energy. Many Chinese restaurants display red and white as favorite colors for food industry. and also symbols for protection and good luck. Gold is another powerful color that brings tons of good energy to the food business, which can be incorporated in cutlery and serving dishes. Even a single line of golden color can enhance the beauty of plain white eating plates.
5) Food, the most important aspect for your business must be tasty and well decorated. As in all industries the food industry to has gone immense make overs. The food dishes today are staged well, with colorful and attractive food presentations and display. Catering food of different styles and health food on the menu attracts all types of customers and assures great business. Quality of food also comes as important but the appearance comes before that. We have today qualified food decorators and chefs who bring out beautiful healthy cuisines, which attracts more customers.
Hanging art is another way to enhance your food industry business by displaying art in the entrance and reception area people get something to view and immediately attracts attention of the viewer,  when they enter the restaurants. Many times when people view great colorful art their appetite is increased and they relax and end up enjoying the meals better. And this also gives them the ambiance and hospitality of the space as soothing and enjoyment, and thus welcomes them for the next time.
Use some simple feng shui and attract prosperity and good luck for the food industyr.
All the Best!
Abstract Colorful Painting
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!

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