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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feng Shui Symbolism of Fruit Paintings Selection Tips for buying fruit paintings

Fruits have always been an inspiration to artists and when the most famous were the apples and pears today we see  a lot of colorful fruit paintings. Feng shui symbolism for fruit paintings is great and full of positive energy.
Hanging colorful juicy fruit paintings in the dining area attracts good health and wealth,as In Chinese feng shui fruits, food, symbolizes wealth in the house and a home with fruits displayed on the dining table  were found to be more prosperous, healthy and happy. 
My latest works are revolving round this positive health energy and fruits, vibrant colorful juicy fruits, this painting is a small wonder and vibrant colorful,
Each fruit symbolizes differently in feng shui as oranges symbolize wealth, red the energy source and the grapes with violet spiritual energy. Citrus juicy fruits bring about a sense of happiness as they bring back feelings of tangy juices drinks.
Hanging fruit paintings in the south and  is a great way to welcome grace, fame and wealth With this welcoming energy the health aspect is also touched upon by displayed this colorful fruit painting in the health section.
Some Simple Tips for selecting fruit paintings-
1) Never buy dark , dull , unrealistic or abnormal fruit paintings, this confuses the chi and may bring unexpected results of energy. Like spoiled fruits painting, fruits that are shriveled or dried , dark colored fruit paintings.
2) hang the fruit painting in the dining area or kitchen as when displaying in other areas the family may keep thinking of food more often and be unable to focus on other things.
3) Never buy fruit paintings that have birds eating this as this again symbolizes wealth going away.
4) In case you buy a fruit painting with the  basket that falls over, hang this in a way that the direction of fallen fruits comes towards the kitchen and not away.
5) For restaurant and hotels hanging fruits paintings is very important and they can display fruit paintings near the  dining areas near the tables where visitors sit and also near the entrance guest seating areas. This view promotes the feeling of hunger, inviting energy,  and great to improve appetite of your visitors.
6) In case the fruit paintings have become old, torn or broken frames please clean them or get them repainted for freshness as the dull energy or coated with grime artwork give out shar energy rather than a positive one.
7) Eagles and vultures or wild animals in fruit paintings are very bad feng shui energy and must never be purchased for hanging anywhere.
Fruits symbolize wealth and great health energy and hanging  fruit paintings is a sure way to attract more wealth and  prosperity into your lives.
As I always say, Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
My latest fruit paintings posted on my website is a small painting done on oil sketch paper, size 6.5x9.5 in oil paints. For buying this artwork please visit my website or click here.
Fruits of Grace
Thank You!

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