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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Which Horse Paintings are Very Bad for your Home and Office Feng Shui Horse Paintings Right Place to Hang horse paintings

Which horse paintings are bad for your home and office, people hardly think about the negative aspects of hanging horse paintings which I will share here. With the year 2014 the Chinese year of the horse,  paintings of horses are seen in every home and people love to attract feng shui wealth and fame energy by hanging horse paintings.

A wonderful energy boosters the paintings bring in loads of energy into your home and office. Very good for wealth, business, career and fame luck feng shui cures.
Choosing Horse image paintings for display in home and office benefits-
1) great energy boosters
2) total feng shui cures, color, energy and strength feng shui cures.
3) Proved business, career, wealth and opportunties luck feng shui cures
4) Horse paintings are Great to improve relationships and mentor luck .
5) When selected in the right personality feng shui number can work miracles on your destiny.
Which horse paintings are bad for home and office-
1) the lonely horse, yes it looks very cute, very bad as it may make people aloof and single , family may also end up separated. 
2) single horse in office again will not get support from team or colleagues, again here the head or business owner needs a strong team to succeed and the lone horse can hardly achieve much single handedly.
3) Horse in groups going hay wire, bad energy, as they are moving fast against each other in any direction.
4) Abnormal shapes and colors horses very bad.  A broken limb, a scratched skin paint or even colors that horses are never seen in are not good feng shui energizers as they confuse chi and the universe as to which type of energy is required and how this will proceed.
5) War horse paintings are bad feng shui energy. As they reflect the emotions of fight and raging wars, blood shed, very bad for your home and office.
Never Hang Horse Paintings in home and office in these areas-
1) At the main door facing outside
2) Near the entrance facing to the road
3) In the main living room lobby going under the stairway.
4) In the office reception area facing the store room
5) In any area facing the  washroom or toilet.
6) Near/facing the kitchen of home or office pantry
7) In the home or office facing out towards the windows.
Horse energy though a powerful one and can bring out immense benefits must be used with proper guidance and care.  If not thought about carefully this may lead to loss in businesses, wealth, health and also separation of couples.
 Thank you!
All the Best!
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