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Monday, April 21, 2014

Paintings for Gloomy Dark Corners of Your Home and Office Feng Shui tips to improve energy in dark corners

Dark corners , in feng shui play a major role in the total feng shui energy of your home and life. Usually when major aspects of directions are considered in using feng shui cures hardly people pay attention tot eh most dangerous spots in their homes, the ones that emit the most negative energy and produce shar energy or act as pointed shar arrows, the dark corners.
The corners of the living room, dining areas , childrens rooms or even the gardens and entrances all are usually a bit dull as sun light does not reach there and artificial lighting is only used during nights. Here I share a few simple feng shui cure tips to enliven and brighten up these dark corners and improve the chi here.
When furniture is placed at angles for better movement the backside usually is left in dark. Most of the times these corners accumulate dust and also cobwebs with dirt which may be your personal lucky area or a north of south sector representing a major area / aspect of your life. Passages also when used to move from one room to another are hardly given another thought of beautification or lighting. There are also certain homes which have entrances as a passage and then we enter to a large spacious hall and dining area. Usually footwear is kept here which is unknowingly inviting negative energy form the mouth of your house the entrance main door.
While the walls are beautified with good quality wall paints and high quality artifacts , designer  furniture and costly artworks the dark corners are left neglected and uncared for. Space , in every bit has its own energy and will reflect in your life energy.
Dark corners can be brightened up with use of artificial lighting that is available in so many fancy designs and patterns or direction focussed lighting. You can hang a beautiful colored vibrant artwork here to uplift the energy of the dark corners. When you hang a strong symbolic artwork or painting this will draw your attention as well as of others entering or visiting your home and which in turn will keep you motivated to keep the area clean and shiny.
Good Luck Wealth Feng Shui
Ends that are gloomy can have color ful paintings that correspond to the feng shui energy of the respective direction and element. Plants are usually kept here but in dark corners they usually do not grow healthy and dried plants are very bad for your home. You will not only purify the space but also add up to some beneficial feng shui energy for your home by hanging plant flower paintings.
For dark corners have special frames or shape of paintings that can give the corners a smooth curve instead of sharp shar energy emitted as in sharp end corners. Stuck up energy is bad and mostly negative energy gets accumulated in dark corners of your rooms. In offices the back sides of executive chairs and tables are often the most neglected areas which tend to accumulate negative energy. This can be maintained by hanging a vibrant colorful artwork behind the chair which will grab attention, require care and cleaning so the whole backside will be kept clean and with positive energy.
The bathroom doors are usually kept closed in in corners or end of rooms such spaces tend to be dark with less chi and this also can be uplifted by hanging an appropriate painting to keep the energy of the space good. Also while coming out of the washrooms and bathrooms displaying art here will give you a pleasant view as you come out and immediately uplift energy.
Under the stairs and store rooms which are usually neglected in dust, dark are also a part of your home and energy here will reflect to your life and family. Having some artworks in glass here can beautify the areas. Canvas paintings should not be hung in store rooms, areas where there is lot of dust or grime as they can be damaged or abraised.
Use of artificial lighting can create wonders to the energy of your home and make the dark corners of your home come to life!
Thank You!
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Thank You!
For buying some great colorful art to enliven the dark corners of your home and office please visit my website. With symbolism, cubism, feng shui, healing to abstract you can view some of my art here.
Thank You!

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