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Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Dissolve Negativity and Welcome Prosperity and Happiness in Your Home Simple Tips

Dissolve Negativity is very important for peace of mind. Your home, your haven, a place where the whole family unwinds from the day needs to be peaceful and pure from any negative energies. The most important problem with energy is that negative enters very fast and the whole environment is affected by this thus spreading towards the whole family draining all the positivity out.
Negative energy enters from any place in the house, the main door,the window or even the back door. Maybe from a person, a thing or object, clothes, gifts, plants, furniture, artefacts and even a phone call can trigger off negative ions in the environment.This harmful energy can enter very easily from any place even a small crook or crevice.
It is essential that the home be protected form negative energies to maintain the peace and fulfill its main function, to re energize the family of positive chi.
Home environment can be protected from attracting negative energy by following simple feng shui tips and cures.
1) Always keep the home free from clutter. By clutter we mean in feng shui the things or objects that we have not used for more than four to five years. But obvious we are not going to use them later on. Such things may be of emotional importance but will drain the energy of your family thus taking up space and stopping new energy from entering your house. You can cover these things and store them in a store room or loft but remove these objects from the space of your floor.This will also help clear space in your mind.
2) Purification symbols are very important to keep your home energy protected. According to your personal preference people have God idols, religious symbols and objects for protection. You can also hang a healing painting that will help to dissolve negative energy, the paintings have strong reiki symbol for purification and protection.
3) Incense burning, burning of dhoop is a very good means to purify your home space. You must open and clean all things and spaces and then follow this ritual of cleansing. Keep the main door open and windows open with the intention of purification from negative energy.
4) Fresh flowers are a simple yet effective way to purify your environment. How often when we are tired and we enter our home , the fragrance of fresh flowers will instantly gives a shot of positive energy. Air purifiers and air freshners also work wonders to the energy of your home.Salt another very good feng shui tool to purify negative energy.
5) Mirrors and water are two powerful important feng shui cures which when not used properly can create negative energy into your life.  The right use will effectively help maintain strong positive energy and keep purifying the home.
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All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

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