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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Feng shui Good Luck Cat Money Cats and Lucky Cats Which Feng Shui Cat to Select Where to place Maneki Neko Cats

Feng shui cat, little cute Neko Kitty , Fortune Cat, Beckoning Cat, the waving cat wherever seen always brings a smile on your face. Available on many internet feng shui cures sites for sale in so many different colors and materials. Made of ceramic porcelain and usually seen in white with red adornments or golden with red bow and ribbons with coins. No wonder the cute kitty waves its paws to welcome good luck displaying this symbol has almost always brought many happy changes to wealth and luck for many.
The story goes far off when an old lady in Japan was very poor and had to sell off her cat. The cat then started coming in her dreams and encouraged her to make symbols in clay. She made cat of clay and soon after started selling off and earning well.
The Cat when displayed near the entrance always grabs attention and brings loads of feng shui energy to attract more business and wealth.  Usually we see these lucky cats near entrances of restaurants, business offices and companies as these are more of modern cures with the golden colored feng shui good luck cats, they can be displayed in any profession to attract more prosperity and wealth.
The feng shui lucky cat is also seen with gold coins and money wealth bag on its shoulders or paws. Always remember to place the cat in such a manner where its energy can greet the visitors and welcome them in and never facing inside the office or home as it represents her back to the world and wealth. Right paw raised attracts wealth and left paw raised attracts more customers. And both paws raised total prosperity! Then there are cats which have inbuilt cells that keep the cat paws moving, great visual appeal and also symbolically full of energy as it is moving its paws ,definitely attracts attention and thus brings more business and clients.
Maneki Neko is the Japanese name for this cat, meaning Beckoning Cat.  White Cat is good for attracting great health. With its paw raised high it brings in welcoming energy and also provides protection. They are also used symbolically to attract the right soul mates, good health, peace of mind, protection from negative energy and evil eye, and of course attract more wealth and prosperity.
Feng shui symbolism, which cat to select?
One paw raised is welcoming good luck and wealth and there are some with both paws raised bringing loads of good luck and prosperity welcoming with both paws generously, just like the Laughing Buddha.
Black cat is strong symbolism to protect from evil eyes and negative energies and bring about good health.
Golden Maneki Neko Feng Shui Good Luck Cat

White cat represents peace, purity  and happiness
Red cats for good luck and protection from evil spirits.
Green cats for educational luck and academic achievements.
Purple cats for wisdom, knowledge , intuitive capabilities and self realization.
Yellow cats for happiness and cheerfulness and good luck
Blue cats, feng shui color of north , great for career and job success.
Pink cats for attracting great success in finding right mates and love and happiness , marital success.
As the colors differ so do the placement of these good luck Maneki Neko  Cats-
West sector is for creativity and children luck where yellow , white and silver cats go very well to uplift energy here Pink in the south west and purple in the centre.
When the cat is painted with certain symbols then again the symbolism energy increases with this. Bamboo images painted on the Maneki Neko represents wealth. Eagle painted on the cat represents high ambition and success. We also see these cats with bells around their neck which again symbolizes welcoming  good luck and prosperity.
Go in for thsif eng shui cure only when you are comfortable with the visual appeal and trust the symbolism behind the fortune cat, and not just because it is being referred by a feng shui consultant. As the more you love your feng shui cures the more they will reciprocate their love for your wishes!
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