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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Relationships and Feng Shui Attract Marital happiness and feng shui for matrimony alliance

In feng shui,  relationships are most important for any individual to progress in his personal and professional life this painting is best and effective when hung on the south west wall of your bedroom which according to feng shui is the relationships corner.  Most relationship healing paintings are suitable for bedroom walls and these paintings will act as a feng shui cure to attract marital luck. The Reiki symbols used attract happiness, greater understanding and also a balance of Yin and Yang energies between the couple. There are many cases where the wife is extra dominating, that is the Yang energy is more which may create energy tussles at home. So also there are cases where the man of the house is too timid, that is low in Yang energy and high in dark Yin energy thus affecting  decision making, the peace and stability of the house.
Then there are many singles who wish to find the right soul mate but are unable to find the right person. For those who are single and trying to find the right partner feng shui cure  paintings act to attract good marriage proposals and also make harmony in the bedroom.

There are few people lucky to have a loving and caring family. Those who have know the value of having a supportive and encouraging family. In times of any problems or career the family that is strong will survive all odds and progress in leading a happy life.
Not all are lucky and sometimes even when the family is very caring due to some misunderstandings or problems there is distance developed between family members. For healing relationships this feng shui cure paintings help heal all misunderstandings and attract happy ties.  Maintaining love in your family life between husband and wife and for those who are single to invite marriage luck in their lives this painting is a feng shui cure for attracting marital luck.
The healing paintings act as feng shui relationship cures and can also be used to heal relationships between couple who are heading for divorce. If you are suffering from a bad marriage let feng shui help you come out of this. For specific cases it is advisable to communicate your problems to your spiritual healer and healing artist who can suggest an appropriate cure painting or who can customize a painting according to your life source needed.
Simply Love by Rizwana A
Simple cures to attract marital Happiness in Life-
1) Always keep the south west sector clean and clutter free as dirt and stagnant energy here directly affects your relationships.
2) bedroom must have most things in pairs, symbols of couples,  two side tables, two table lamps and two birds paintings etc. Single objects bring about and attracts energy of loneliness and aloneness.
3) Never Use Symbols of Past relationships, past breakups or past issues in the bedroom.
4) It is a feng shui cure to light two fragrant candles in this area , but taking care of safety and health issues of the family. Other wise paintings displayed on walls suffice as great feng shui cures to attract marital happiness.
5) Avoid objects or paintings of three figures. This attracts energy of third person in life of the couple.
6) Avoid sleeping in front of the mirror. In feng shui it is said that such couples attracts interference of third persons in life thus affecting relationships very badly, which in serious cases leading to separation or divorce.
7) For the single ones trying to find the right matrimony alliance they must hang paintings of pairs of objects and place vases or flowers, birds, symbols of pairs in the south west to attract matrimony alliances.
8) The energy of the south west can also be activated by hanging crystals here, shiny ones that reflect light thus symbolizing happiness and positive energy in the relationship between the couple and family.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Have a Great Life!

The painting shown above is a small feng shui symbolic  bedroom painting 'Simply Love' in oil paint on oil sketch paper,  size 6x9 Inches, for buying this visit my website


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