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Thursday, August 14, 2014

9 Important practical Feng Shui Tips for Study Room Students Feng Shui

9 Important practical Feng Shui Tips for Study Room Students Feng Shui
Educational luck Painting 
Tower of Goodluck

Third Eye , Evil Eye Cure  Painting

1) Make the student sit facing East sector or north facing and study table preferred in the north east or even north is good.
Tower of Fame Respect
2) Never sit under a beam in the study room, avoid such places for study.
3) Select study room furniture which has no shar energy, that is no pointed sharp corners or textures.
4) Avoid clutter in the study room or study table. Remove all symbols of past failures in case any. 
5)Keep space between the table chair and wall for  student to allow free movement while studying to not make them feel crammed in their  academic performances.This stutters growth in their life. 
6) Display medals, awards, projects work in west and south sector. Best Feng Shui sector for children and creativity luck. 
7) Hang some beautiful energy motivational artwork in the room near or above the study table. Daily inspiration is must to be focussed.
small sized Reiki artwork Clarity 
small sized artwork Colorful Purification
8) Check for adequate natural and artificial lighting in the study room. Major cause, too much lighting is not good, as also dim lighting, will affect eye sight and academic performance.
9) Bring the study room walls to life by choosing good wall colors that represent active Feng Shui energy and not dull boring energy that may put the student to sleep.
small sized canvas painting GoodNews
These tips are not just for children and they work great for every one , especially in creative fields like fashion designing,architects, artists , actors, management fields etc.
All the Best from Rizwana!



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