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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dull phase in your life feng shui cures, not much happening in life and work check the feng shui of your home and office

Dull phase in your life feng shui cures, not much happening in life and work,  creative energy, feng shui, is affected. When things are just not happening look into feng shui, how to improve creativity with feng shui.

Creative Field professional with Blocked Energy Feng Shui Tips for Advertising and Artist Architects Professionals need fresh ideas at work follow these feng ship tips. Even after following feng shui sometimes after a few years the energy starts becoming boring and the same artwork that you loved and that gave  you great energy starts looking dull, then is the time for reshifting objects and artworks.
Those who are in creative fields like advertising, making movies, artists, architects and many individuals who are in creative fields and whose jobs require them to come up with unique ideas and concepts benefit immensely from activating  the feng shui creativity corner of your home, studio, work space and office.
Professionals from creative fields can benefit immensely by following certain feng shui tips . the creativity corner according to feng shui falls in the west sector area. The corresponding elements here is metal. When the space starts becoming quiet you need to add some action. Refurbish , color, change, shift, even the simple act of rearranging the furniture can brings loads of positive energy.
The feng shui shape that is lucky is circle that represents round coins, money. Here hanging a wind chime helps if you can as the movement of fresh energy makes the chime move so also the stagnant energy is pushed aside welcoming new fresh energy in this area. Then there are photographs,  sculptures and images of successful people from your field who have received recognition and awards.
One of my feng shui healing Painting on oil sketch paper
You can also display your medals, awards and past success certificates in the west for  more creative energy and motivation to work better.
Always keep the space fresh and clean with colorful photos or motivational inspirational artworks here. As in creative fields like advertising, artists and professional movie makers their camera is the most important tool, some good tools that help in the results. Example a movie maker a great camera, lights, lenses , an artist needs good quality brushes and paints canvasses and papers, and advertising professional may look into successful ad campaigns and great impact advertisements , all these required tools and symbols of success can be displayed in the west sector.
If the area falls in a corner or angle or has pillar apply some simple feng shui cures to deflect this energy. Lighting the space helps a lot to attract beneficial chi here. Hanging feng shui symbolic  art helps to improve energy and attract good feng shui energy here. The feng shui energy for creativity can be activated with colors, shapes, images, artworks,  lights and crystals.
Add something new, or rearrange and keep the energy power in your space on!
All the Best from Rizwana!


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  2. Hello Amit, thank you for posting this helpful link for the readers of feng shui simple cures.
    All the Best from Rizwana!


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