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Friday, November 25, 2016

Music room Feng Shui How to Feng Shui Your Music Room Wall Decor Tips for Music room in Feng Shui

Music room, a special place, with equipment and musical instruments, a dream for many singers and Guitarists and of course even people loving music have their own music rooms. Music itself, if chosen carefully,  is healing, it helps relax the mind and also activates energy,all is upon the choice of music and your surroundings. Some love Pop, Punk, rock, some love melodious harmonies. A great music room evokes feelings, emotions, connects , relaxes, quietens your mind and helps in refreshing energy. Good Feng Shui must bring out feelings of harmony, the decor, the art, the energy of your music room must bring out beautiful energy of happiness, hope, freedom, laughter, all working together on the conscious and unconscious self to attract goodluckness. 
The Young Guitarist razarts
Feng Shui is all about happiness and going with the flow. Sharing some very important  Feng Shui tips for music rooms.
1) The room has to be sound proof so that music played or played on  does not disturb others in the family. Basically from Feng Shui point of view metal instruments and electronic gadgets are best in west sector. It will maintain harmony in your home elements. 
2) Choose the decor of main door carefully, it has to be an energy space and not dull. The door has to be in lively colour and image over it must be colourful. Whatever your tastes with music the main door has to be an indicator about the room. This is the main Feng Shui reason where most music rooms fail, and are left abandoned!ending up as guest rooms or store rooms! 
3) Choose wall colours judiciously going according to your music tastes and also bring in some energy. Remember people love energy in music rooms and if you are the type who invites people often then do keep in mind tastes in music and age of your guests and friends also. 
4) Feng Shui , the term , brings to your mind harmony, peace, soothing, NO not for music rooms! If you are a singer or musician, guitarist keep in mind the room has to encourage creativity and bring out the best in you. If you are a music lover and wish to listen to music peacefully , yet choose some great  wall art to enliven your music room. 
5) If you are a traditional classical music lover do ahng relevant wall art in your music room. 
Mehfil Traditional Musical Instruments Painting
People loving classical music go in for more traditional colours for walls and choose decor along with this theme. Many people choose sculptures, artifacts and wall decor going along with this theme of music.Also instruments are decorated and have a place of their own in their music rooms.  
6) Children learning music or playing instruments to become artists as a career, 
Desires abstract Painting Rizwana A
then these music rooms must also be activated for the Feng Shui creativity sector and also the mentor luck sector for success in their dreams. 
Confidence Reiki Symbol Healing Abstract Painting

Blue Strings  The Young Guitarist 

7) For the younger generation people who have their music rooms, who love bands and rock, metal, punk rock music, need highly equipped sound systems and also here the energy and colors need to be vibrant and active. A soothing pastel room with floral art will be a misfit!
The Young Guitarist RizwanaA
Blue Strings Punk Rocker
 8) If you are the party hard type and the music room is used frequently for entertainment and parties ,a gain keep in mind the age and tastes of your friends and guests to bring out the best energy in your music rooms.
9) A parent having dreams for making your child a musician or singer , guitarist , keep all these above points in mind and also activate the north east sector, this will help you child to be focused on the goals and bring clarity for career choice.
Galloping Goodluck Razarts

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All the Best from Rizwana!

Happiness RizwanaA
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