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Thursday, December 1, 2016

White Walls are Not Elegant! Energy of White Homes and Tight Budget decor Feng Shui Mistakes

White Homes
 White wall, White homes have been loved by so many and as people have the notion that white homes are classy and elegant, elite the Feng Shui symbolism and energy tells a different tale! Going from huge spaces with white everywhere, it is often termed as evolved spaces. Zen, a word often abused by not knowing its true meaning. Well Zen is not black and white, nor it is empty space! Zen is a evoked feeling!
 Considering the energy aspect of white. No, I am not against white, I love the purity of white, its ambiance and its strength of positivity, yet white as a colour for large home spaces is a no no! repeating my mantra, There is no life without colour!
Ancient times white colour was connected with barren, widowhood and leading a life without enjoyment. Truly speaking white is a higher level of spectrum which has all colours but yet it looks white. Studying colour symbolism each colour has its own effects and emotional responses from viewers.
Some Yellow
 Some Serious Feng Shui  Backfires from white walls energy -
1) Large expanses of white spaces leads to loneliness and aloofness, try it , you will realize what I mean!
2) Large rooms, especially living rooms with high white ceilings makes it appear larger and gives a feeling of getting lost.
3) It appears cold! the home no doubt may have latest decor but too much of white will bring an energy of cold vibes.
4) Important Feng Shui sectors , fame recognition, will to work, need energy colors and white here will cool down this fire within, also in long run affecting will to survive.
5) Long term effects show people become too self centered and narrow minded in only black and white coloured decor.
6) Complete homes in white leads to losing focus of reality. Still therapy rooms are kept white!
7) White homes with large canvasses of white and grey abstract artworks, again a serious Feng Shui mistake, bringing a not so good energy. As in Feng Shui we advise to avoid total abstracts , they confuse the mind.
Black wall
What you can do-
Colours are Great energy
1) Choose some coloured wall art
2) Activate Feng Shui sectors with corresponding colours, see how it works magic!
Colours Evil Eye Cures
3) Even if you love white and want to go ahead with complete white homes add up at least few highlight walls with colours of your choice.
Soothing Yellow
4) Throw cushions are such an Awesum way to add colour in white rooms.
5) Blending colours also work wonders. They may not be white but they go in harmony with white and also break the monotony of white.
Tight budget should not be a reason for wrong Feng Shuing! 
People often use this term, tight budget and added this piece! Absolutely wrong feng shui, negative, one must avoid such terms. as using them frequently more often will unconsciously attract this type of  energy into your life.
Tight budget issues-
people choose cheaper versions of art and artifacts. Originals have a class of their own, here we are talking of energy.
2) They buy for others, inspite of not liking the things.again not such a good type of energy. Uncomfortable and uneasy for many years till you have the objects.
3) People tend to add up more mirrors as they will shine and add up to the glamour but it backfires most of the times with serious issues.
4) Buying things, items of decor,  illegally, is another way to attract not such a good type of energy for your space, it will affect your life. Official sales are great but avoid back table dealings.
5) People feel white walls are cheaper. No, white also requires cost and getting the pure white, is more difficult! and costly!

Abstract art

Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up. Allen Klein"
Life is beautiful, but not without colours. Enjoy life to the fullest, surround yourself with colours and symbols of happiness and Abundance! I used to so love full white years back, and Yes , I do love white even now, but I prefer colours!  There is no life without colors!
All the Best from Rizwana!

No Life without colour
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