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Monday, December 19, 2016

Feng Shui Children's Room Paintings Wrong Choices Children's Room Wall Art Feng shui Which Paintings to choose For Children's Bedroom for Goodluck

Childrens' bedroom and study rooms are very important affecting your child's health and academic as well as social performance. Balancing the Feng shui elements for your child's bedroom will keep them well adjusted and progressive in their life.
Feng Shui Painting
People when choosing paintings for children make many serious mistakes and then wonder why their child is restless, uncomfortable, spends more time out of their room , and also show poor grades and performance at school!
Good Luck
Feng Shui Children's Room Paintings  Wrong Choices-
1)- Horses paintings are great energy boosters and bring strong energy for work, and fame but they are not very good for children's rooms. Affects adversely on child's health , low and poor sleep, and performance. puts undue pressure on their mind and also they feel restless in such rooms.
Horse paintings in Feng Shui
2) Hanging Paintings of little child for a grown up teenager. again parents feel their baby girl is cute and choose barbie wall art, and decor but children soon over grow these and while toys are good which they pack away after play time,  , but with wall art, they are not comfortable with such decor for most of the time. 
3) Complete Black and white Paintings and decor- avoid strictly these decor colours for children's bedroom. While your living room may look elegant with classic black and white children often get bored soon and have low energy thus affecting their health and academic performance. 
4) Choose very carefully paintings for the west and North west sector of your child's bedroom and study room, This feng Shui will show major effects on their life and yours too! The Feng Shui child sector , and helpful friends, mentor luck sector. Any mistakes here will show effects as gradually reducing friends and also not so helpful teachers, so your child has to do that extra push of effort to study and perform. Affecting their mental status and also reducing their confidence.
5) Birds are a great symbol for your children's bedroom but avoid paintings of  eagles and vultures. The paintings of birds must have energy and colours  of happiness and confidence, and not that of dark thundering skies and lonely birds!
 There are so many choices today for children's bedroom feng shui paintings and use these as cures to attract goodluck for your child.
Music instruments and musicians , happy flying birds, evil eye protection  cures, colorful abstracts and strong motivational and symbolic paintings are a great way to uplift the energy of your children's rooms and bedrooms. Also do remember to activate their study sector for better academic performance.

Red Flowered wall art 
Two Birds 

Ba Gua Luck 

Elegant Strong Symbolism Painting

Music Guitarist painting for Children's Room

Happy Galloping Horses

Colourful Art The Magic Ball 

Colourful Guitarist Symbol Goodluck painting
It would also be good to let your children participate in the selection and buying of paintings for their rooms and areas. This gives them happiness and a feeling of importance and they also love their wall art!
Hope this helps!
Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous Great 2017!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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