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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Underwater child paintings Child in water Paintings symbolism and 7 Tips for Choosing Art for Special Needs Children's room

 Special Children's rooms are many times never given a thought. They need to be  bright , cheerful and lovely, and especially the wall art must be positive and uplifting. There are some serious, mistakes people are doing today in choosing art for their special children's rooms. You notice serious wrong feng shui but we are helpless.
Birds paintings Childrens room
Brush up online, or visit a gallery for your children's room art. You notice they are promoting all the wrong paintings! Most dangerous feng shui! just saw a Underwater painting, child drowning, was shocked! promoting as feng shui children room painting! Then you see animals, abnormal and incomplete, you also will find abstracts that have broken body parts!Please do give this a thought, understand the symbolism behind the painting,  while choosing art for your child's room.
Healing Art Childrens Room

Coming in contact with special needs children, slow learners, ADHD, and OCD, ( obsessed artist !) through my Husband's patients. Healing art can help bring in harmony, good health and also improve confidence and academic grades.
Music Paintings for Special children's Room 
Underwater paintings children under water drowning children paintings symbolism-
Creativity has no rules, agreed but there are some seriously negative shar emitting paintings showing children under water. Swimming children paintings are also seen but in case your child has fear of water this will do more harm to their mental status. When we see child under water, it has negative symbolism. You may see fishes swimming alongside, old ship sunk, sea horses- good symbols but not with child in the artwork.
what is the symbolism of a child under water painting-
1) with such art in their room, you will notice Serious health issues, with child.
2) they will gradually lower in concentration and show poor grades.
3) they will be affected psychologically as if drowning in this big world feelings and will affect their confidence.
4) Ship travel paintings with water waves rising above the level of the ship must be avoided. this indicates risk of drowning and the viewers get the feeling of always facing high tides in life sectors.
5) If child looks happy under water in the painting , with fishes and sea horses, this is representative of distance building up between you and your child. Gradually if such painting is hung in your child's room you will find the gap widening between you and your child, and may find it difficult to communicate their needs to you.
It is better to avoid water and under water paintings for children's rooms. Even if your child is a swimmer and loves water do give a thought at the image sin the artwork before choosing art for your child's room.
Sharing some really important practical tips for choosing art for your special child's room. Also in special needs children wall art can assist in healing their health and gaining confidence. Reiki symbols used in healing art not only unblock the energy but also improves health and brings well being.
 1) Focus on your child's special liking while choosing art. Do they love colours, shapes, objects,they will respond well to colour they love and colours heal. Slow learners benefit well with Se He Ki and Harth Reiki symbols. Avoid total black and white paintings for special needs children's rooms.
You would love that your child has good friends and improves academically. Activate Feng Shui north west and north east sectors with appropriate paintings. Flying birds .
2) It would be good to select vocabulary and calligraphy art so that they connect with the motivational art. Here again avoid incomplete messages and words. Avoid erratic strokes in abstract paintings and completely red colour paintings.
3) Health and relationships, east is most important. Feng Shui cure paintings used here show beautiful healing results. Growing green energy. Blessings from mother Earth.
4) Avoid irregular shaped abstracts., half body or incomplete images paintings.
5) If vision is affected activate East. If hearing problems activate North, in case of chronic diseases activate the west sector. Emotional health and psychological problems activate the north east sector.
6) Totally avoid water paintings in special needs children's rooms. water is flowing and not such a good option for child's room art. Huge water falls, also bring in strong energy , not good for children.
7) Choose right places to hang art in your special needs children's room. The height of wall art must be such that it can be viewed easily by your child.
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Turtle Feng shui Reiki Symbol paintings for Luck

Reiki symbol Confidence Painting

Childrens room art

Reiki symbol Abundance

Santa Clause Paintings
Hope this helps! God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
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